Wingnuts on SCHIP

Before the SCHIP vote today in the House, Rep. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) displayed a sign with his new name for SCHIP – “Socialized Clinton-style Hillarycare for Illegals and their Parents”:


H/T to Sadly No!, who notes:

Guys, you’ve done outdone yerselves on this one. Please, please, please keep insulting middle-class families who can’t afford health insurance. I guarantee that it will launch you right back into power.

Think Progress adds:

Earlier this week, Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) told USA Today that he refers to SCHIP as “Socialized, Cuba-style Health care for Illegals and their Parents.” 

Neither King or Feeney deserve to be in office. Come November ’08 every Rep who voted to protect Bush’s veto should be out the door! Honestly to rename SCHIP like either of these two did one has to wonder what’s in Kool-Aid they are drinking?

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3 Responses to Wingnuts on SCHIP

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  2. john stone says:

    I am from Iowa and happy to say I don’t live in King’s district.
    He is a piece of work!
    Last I watched Rush Limbaugh rant and rave on Fox and
    ceer on Bush and the Republicans for the veto of the SCHIP bill. He also bashed Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid and Nacy Pelosi. Whats wrong with people like King and Limbaugh?
    Also I I know I should not watch Fox News, but every now and then I watch for a while to see what these physcos are saying.

  3. john stone says:

    I apologize to all for my sloppy typing and failing to proof
    read like I should. I get in a bit of a hurry when I write aboutSteve King,Rush Limbaugh or Fox News. I am sure my point is clear.