Valerie Plame on 60 Minutes

Valerie Plame was on 60 Minutes on Sunday Night. C&L reports:

In the first segment, Plame Wilson spoke frankly about being betrayed by this administration, as well as her assessment of the damage done to the nation’s security by revealing her identity…

But the second segment is where Couric goes off the rails and shows her flair for White House talking points.  It’s almost as if she implies that Plame Wilson should have expected the White House to out her because the work she did touched on the question that sent her husband, Amb. Joseph Wilson, to Niger. 

COURIC: You never for a moment thought this could potentially jeopardize my career?

PLAME: It’s called ‘living your cover.’ This had nothing to do with what I was doing. He was part of the debate.

COURIC: But admit it, it comes awfully close to what you were doing, even covertly. I mean, you were trying to ascertain if Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He’s writing an article saying ‘it’s really not valid, this one assertion.’ I mean, can’t you see how those two things might collide and in a very dangerous way?

There’s a clip of the interview in our featured video in the right sidebar, C&L has more and video too. And see No Quarter where Larry Johnson calls Valerie Plame’s outing the “Ultimate Betrayal.”

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One Response to Valerie Plame on 60 Minutes

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Is there anyone who thinks that chick has got much longer to go before she’s off the air? It is truly hard to concevie of anyone doing her job much worse than she does. I have never seen her do one thing yet that she feels comfortable with, or maybe it’s me that’s uncomfortable watching her.