Dem Daily Writer Evacuating in SoCal Fires

I just received word from Dem Daily writer Stuart O’Neill that his area in Orange County (Santiago fire) is being evacuated in the SoCal fires. Stuart’s said he heading up to the ranch where he’s living to help get the horses out and then said he will probably hang as close as he can to see what happens. Please keep a good thought for Stuart.

Here’s a list of resources for help and information on the Southern California wildfires from MSNBC:

And, the L.A Times notes today, What FEMA will and won’t pay for:

President Bush’s declaration today that Southern California is in a state of emergency frees up federal dollars to help the state pay for emergency workers and efforts to protect life, health and property, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

It does not mean the government will provide financial assistance to individuals who have lost possessions in the fire.

Bush would have to declare a major disaster — which he may do — in order for the federal government to offer financial assistance to individuals, the agency said.

Bush is canceling “previously scheduled events in St. Louis” to travel to California in Thursday to meet with Gov. Schwarzenegger. 


See Calitics for a running update thread on the wildfires. I’ll have more here later…

UPDATE: Just spoke with Stuart again. He’s doing okay. He got all his important personal stuff out of his place and said he’s probably camping in his car tonight on the perimeter of the evacuation area. He’s with other folks from the area and he says they’re all making the best of it. 

UPDATE 2: California and Orange County Fires: Lies, Stupidity and Unnecessary Destruction

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6 Responses to Dem Daily Writer Evacuating in SoCal Fires

  1. ironxl84 says:

    Naturally I wish Stuart the best in an awful situation, and I do, along with so many other thosands upon thousands impacted by this terrible situation .

    However, I do not think he would disagree with what I have to say as follows even if it is OFF TOPIC:

    I am absolutely perplexed as to why there has been no commentary here regarding the Pete Stark “apology”.

    First and foremost, by what I have read….the overwhelming majority of opinions have been in support of Pete Starks earlier “take the gloves off” comments on the floor of the US Congress. Most folks said, “Somebody grew a backbone” and applauded what he said – even if it wasn’t “polished” or “politically correct”. But it was RIGHT.

    IMO, we are long overdue for somebody taking the scumbag Bush administration to task over their arrogance.

    BUT, today….Pete Starks issued a tearful apology on the congressional floor – even after he had declared that he never would do so, especially to the “chichenhawks” that share the floor with him!

    Today he declared that he would resume his “insignificant” role instead of making waves.

    Pardon me, but with a population of roughly 300 Million, I would hardly term a US Congressman as having an “insignificant” role in this regard.

    I understand that after his “apology”, he gravitated to the democratic side of the aisle and wept for 5 minutes.

    Something stinks here worse than the Scooter pardon IMO.

    Obviously, someone got to him. Meaning strong-armed, threatened.

    Is this still the USA – or have we descended to “Bushgrad”?

    And where is that voice screaming in the night?

    Harto? Have they done a “Clockwork Orange” on you?

    Where is the outrage? WTF is going on here?

    Pete Starks was dead-on correct before he “apologized”!

    BTW, you have to admire Ron Paul….

    He is the only Republican willing to stand up to the machine.



  2. Tom

    I’ve been mostly posting a lot on the fires today because I live in LA and have friends some of the areas that are affected. Also, just plain haven’t had time to get to all the other news of the day like the Stark apology.

    Something does stink with this – if I don’t collapse after I finish some work, hopefully I will get a post up.

  3. Rainier says:

    Hi Stuart, glad to hear you’re safe and that you got all your important things with you. We here in San Diego are wishing for the best for all of you up in Orange County.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts . Look for my article “Lies, Stupidity and Unnecessary Destruction”

    Situation not good here. More info in the article.

  5. PS: Sorry for the oversight. God knows SD is getting the hell kicked out of it. Best wishes.

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