Stephen Colbert Moves Ahead of Richardson in National Poll

Stephen Colbert, the faux-pundit from Comedy Central announced days ago that he was running for president. Now, “in” the race just a few days, “Colbert has surged ahead of longtime candidate Gov. Bill Richardson in one national poll gauging the race for the Democratic nod for president.”

And watch out Joe Biden!

The Public Opinion Strategies poll this past weekend of 1,000 likely primary voters that included Colbert’s name — as both a Democrat and Republican, as he wishes — found him drawing 2.3 percent in the Dem race nationally (though he is threatening to run only in his native South Carolina).

This put his ahead of Richardson (2.1 percent), Rep. Dennis Kucininch (2.1) and, of course, Sen. Mike Gravel. And he trails Sen. Biden by just a tad (he’s at 2.7 percent).

Of course he has a long way to go to catch up with the three frontrunners (you know who they are).

But Colbert fares less well among his natural constituency on the GOP side, where he draws less than one percent.

The Fix first noted the the Public Opinion Strategies poll saying, “You don’t need The Fix to state the obvious: Stephen Colbert is everywhere right now.”

Following the announcement of his presidential ambitions last week, Colbert has chalked up quite a run of political coverage, capping the week with an appearance on ultimate establishment Washington TV show: “Meet the Press“.

And now, we have national poll results detailing Colbert’s chances — and, no, we aren’t kidding.

Neil Newhouse, a POS partner said, “It’s clear that Colbert’s truthiness image and ‘I am America’ message has serious resonance among Democrats.” 

Yes, we know that Colbert’s bid is satire and nothing more. But anyone who follows politics as closely as we do knows that it even serious politics often devolves into theater of the absurd. So why shouldn’t Colbert be another actor in the real 2008 race?

I’d welcome Stephen Colbert as president over Fred Thompson any day.  

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