Hey Big Spender

Move over LBJ… George W. Bush has officially won the title of the “biggest spending president.”

McClatchy reports:

George W. Bush, despite all his recent bravado about being an apostle of small government and budget-slashing, is the biggest spending president since Lyndon B. Johnson. In fact, he’s arguably an even bigger spender than LBJ.

“He’s a big government guy,” said Stephen Slivinski, the director of budget studies at Cato Institute, a libertarian research group.

The numbers are clear, credible and conclusive, added David Keating, the executive director of the Club for Growth, a budget-watchdog group.


“He’s a big spender,” Keating said. “No question about it.”

Take almost any yardstick and Bush generally exceeds the spending of his predecessors.

In fact, “discretionary spending went up in Bush’s first term by 48.5 percent, not adjusted for inflation,” which is more than double Bill Clinton’s spending (21.6 percent) for two full terms. 

Defense spending is the big driver — but hardly the only one.

Under Bush it’s grown on average by 5.7 percent a year. Under LBJ — who had a war to fund, too — it rose by 4.9 percent a year. Both numbers are adjusted for inflation.

Including costs for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, defense spending under Bush has gone up 86 percent since 2001, according to Chris Hellman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

Current annual defense spending — not counting war costs — is 25 percent above the height of the Reagan-era buildup, Hellman said.

Homeland security spending also has soared, to about $31 billion last year, triple the pre-9/11 number.

But it’s not just limited to defense and homeland security. Hell no… Bush’s super-spending is about a lot more than that:

Brian Riedl, a budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative research group, points to education spending. Adjusted for inflation, it’s up 18 percent annually since 2001, thanks largely to Bush’s No Child Left Behind act.

The 2002 farm bill, he said, caused agriculture spending to double its 1990s levels.

Then there was the 2003 Medicare prescription drug benefit — the biggest single expansion in the program’s history — whose 10-year costs are estimated at more than $700 billion.

And the 2005 highway bill, which included thousands of “earmarks,” or special local projects stuck into the legislation by individual lawmakers without review, cost $295 billion.

“He has presided over massive increases in almost every category … a dramatic change of pace from most previous presidents,” said Slivinski.

And the rub in all of this is… for Bush’s Big Spending, it sure as hell isn’t helping folks in this country on iota. In fact, many of (or all) of Bush’s programs he’s pushed on the American people are utter and complete failures. And in fact, more people are struggling economically under the Bush regime than they have in years.

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2 Responses to Hey Big Spender

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  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Two big differences between the present and the past. We now hand government money over to outsiders under the “privatizing” rational in far greater numbers than ever before. And things like the drug benefit pass money up the income scale in ways that have never been seen.