News Media Stupity

E&P reports today that former Sen. Rick Santorum is getting a ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’ column. Good gracious some newspapers will obviously give anybody ink including recently defeated former Sen. Santorum, known right wing nutjob. 

A press conference will be held at 1:30 this afternoon at the Philadelphia Inquirer to announce that it has added former Sen. Rick Santorum to its stable of columnists.

Also hired is George Curry, the former editor of Emerge magazine. They will alternate the weekly spot.

The two will attend the announcement with Brian P. Tierney, publisher, and Harold Jackson, editorial page editor.

Just today, Santorum is featured (and pictured) in an Inky news article on page A3 headlined, “Santorum presses his case against Islamic extremism: ‘There’s a denial of this problem,’ says the ex-senator.”

Santorum, a Republican, was soundly defeated in his race for re-election last year. 

The story in the paper today includes: “Talking about the threat of Islamic terrorism is now Santorum’s main occupation, though the Republican sounds laid-back these days. He is pitching a movie idea to Hollywood and laughed off speculation about a political comeback in Pennsylvania.”

The article explains that he has talked with “Hollywood producer Steve McEveety, who produced the Mel Gibson megahits ‘Braveheart’ and ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ on a movie idea that, naturally, has a terrorism element.”

Month’s ago, Philly’s magazine site reported that “Tierney had dismissed rumors of a Santorum hire as a “1000-1″ shot.”

Tierney told the magazine’s Jason Fagone at the time, “We’d probably be more likely to have Dan Rather write a column for us. Seriously. And I’m not being facetious…It’s nothing more than blue-sky, guys kicking around ideas.”

Someone must have smoking something when those ideas got kicked around because that last thing the American public needs is more news ink for wingnuts.

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6 Responses to News Media Stupity

  1. john stone says:

    Of course they will a column to Rick Santorum. Cal Thomas and George Will have columns. In my state of Iowa we have David Yepsen, a real insulting right wing book of knowledge.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    I can’t remember if it was before Santorum got his walking papers handed to him by the voters or after, but I had the distinct displeasure of catching he and Glenn Beck talking on the radio one time. It was my first deep immersion into the whole “Islamofascism, World War III, kill all muslims” spiel. As you might guess, those who believe in this crap think that a full on military assault on the Mid East (to start) should be the highest priority on the national agenda.

    Yeah, it’s always good to make sure that crazed warmongers get a fantastic outlet for their views. Where would this country be without “true patriots” being willing to speak powerful bullshit to other equally deluded, but similarly patriotic, souls?

    It’s not going to be hard to convince outsiders that this country is NOT really like that after reading it in a major newspaper, is it? What’s next, an all gruesome details of abortion all of the time column?

    Or maybe, since we obviously want to see that all view points get represented, we get a weekly contribution from a crazed muslim bomb maker. That would be balance.

  3. John

    I thought Yepsen leaned a little left?

  4. john stone says:

    No, Yepsen leans to the right.At least thats the way most
    Democrats in Iowa see him. He has been very insulting to Democrats for as long as I can remember. He has been very insulting in his writings about John Kerry,Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack just to name a few.

  5. John
    I know he’s written some unflattering things but I thought he;s some flattering too, which is the way of most pundits. Maybe I am thinking of someone else.

  6. john stone says:

    You are correct. Sometimes he is flattering,but usually
    he is not.