Iowa Dems to Set Jan. 3 Caucus Date

On Sunday, the Iowa Democratic Party Central Committee will vote “on a plan to move the Iowa Democratic caucuses to Jan. 3, the same day as the Republican caucuses.” From Politico: Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan will recommend the move, according to Carrie Giddins, spokeswoman for the Iowa Democratic … Continue reading

OC Fires Update: Lies, Stupidity etc.

I’ve just posted a more comprehensive, updated, article about this topic, as I did here yesterday, at DailyKos. I hope you visit and support the diary so we can get some visibility. The update is simply that the Hamilton Trail fire line held yesterday and throughout the night. Unexpected flareups … Continue reading

SoCal Winds Ease… Wildfires Update

We’re finally feeling some cooling temperatures here in L.A. tonight. The Santa Ana’s are slowing down and the firefighters are able to gain ground and start containing the fires. As Stuart reported below, the federal response has not been what was promised and once again the government has dropped the … Continue reading