SoCal Winds Ease… Wildfires Update

We’re finally feeling some cooling temperatures here in L.A. tonight. The Santa Ana’s are slowing down and the firefighters are able to gain ground and start containing the fires. As Stuart reported below, the federal response has not been what was promised and once again the government has dropped the ball. BradBlog has more on the local end, with a report about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the four bills he vetoed “that would have increased staffing and fire resources after the Cedar Fire, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars.”

What the Governor failed to mention is that he vetoed four bills that would have increased staffing and fire resources after the Cedar Fire, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. A fifth bill, signed by Schwarzenegger, requires local governments to first submit safety plans to the California Department of Forestry and will not take effect until 2010, the Los Angeles Times reported in a May 20, 2007 article titled “Fire danger acute as 2003 lessons fade.” That article has since disappeared off the newspaper’s website, but a copy is here.

For readers who are missing our more national politics coverage over the past few days, I apologize. Being here in SoCal and having witnessed some smaller wildfires in the area, it’s hard to ignore what’s happening here and not be compelled to write about it. The devastation here in SoCal is heartbreaking.

This country is sorely lacking a good infrastructure. Our National Guard is fighting a war based on lies. Two ’08 presidential candidates spoke out today about the fires. To my knowledge — only two – Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd.

We really still haven’t learned. We just haven’t. Regardless of what the media is saying and the politicians are saying — we just haven’t learned.

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