OC Fires Update: Lies, Stupidity etc.

I’ve just posted a more comprehensive, updated, article about this topic, as I did here yesterday, at DailyKos. I hope you visit and support the diary so we can get some visibility.

The update is simply that the Hamilton Trail fire line held yesterday and throughout the night. Unexpected flareups in the fire to the north have sent it rushing up mountain into the Cleveland National Forest. There are no homes or structures there. It is being fought from the air.

If we don’t get the off-shore high winds we had until yesterday, South Orange County may have dodged the bullet. It may have cost us one historic community: Modjeska Canyon.

That’s a much better outcome than I anticipated. We have no idea when we will be allowed back to our homes.

George Bush will arrive today to take credit for the Federal response. Please understand…there was no federal response!

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