Presidential Campaign Staffs Dominated By Men

There’s an interesting piece in the HuffPo about the presidential campaign staffs. It’ seems we can have a woman running for the White House, but we still can’t have a lot of women on campaign staffs. Hmmm… At least the staffs on most of the Democratic Campaigns are more balanced with Hillary Clinton’s campaign leading the way. The worst offender in the ’08 elections however is none other than Rudy Giuliani. Guiliani’s staff was indentified as “Very imbalanced”:

Senior Staff: 1 of 10 (Communications Director)
Top 20 identified paid staff: 4 women, 15 men, 1 unknown gender
All paid over $9K/3rd quarter: 36 of 122 (29.5%) [four unknown gender]

The full scoop is available here. Mike Huckabee tops the list for the most balanced staff of the Republican contenders, FYI and Obama and Edwards both have “Few women the top.”

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