Obama Fumbles and Stumbles

I reported here the other night in my late night roundup, that Barack Obama was preparing to “he will start confronting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton more forcefully.” His first attempt has been a case of fumbling and stumbling as he managed to dredge up a right wing (Bush Admin) issue that Democrats put to rest in 2005 — Social Security, and make claims that there is a crisis. Hold on there, Obama… “There Is No Crisis.” From a roundtable of pundits to the blogopshere, people are asking what was he thinking? Paul Krugman does a great job of dissecting Obama’s claim here:

I think Barack Obama really fumbled and dropped the ball on this one. Ad that slip up to his recent campaign event with Donnie McClurkin, that has the gay and lesbian community in a righteous uproar, and we know have Chris Bowers writing the Obama campaign’s “Post-Mortem” on Open Left.

I’m not sure if Obama’s sunk as some may now predict but atleast one bloggers contends that “if Barack Obama is losing,” she wants “to sink on the ship with him.” Personally, I think I’ll continue to sit by on the sidelines and watch for now. I’ve got no pony in the race, so I’m just calling them as I see them. Stay tuned…

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One Response to Obama Fumbles and Stumbles

  1. alrudder says:

    I am truly baffled by the incompetence in handling the McClurkin incident. He needs to denounce the comments, or else he is vulnerable to attack from Edwards or the 2nd tier candidates. If HRC is confident enough, she could make a statement about it, and it will dominate the next few news cycles.