Ron Paul’s Cult Effect

I have not paid much attention to Ron Paul’s campaign at all, to be honest. However, I do know that Paul has some sort of a cult following that has been stirring up controversy with the wingnuts. It hadn’t been of interest, because Ron Paul hasn’t got a chance to even get out of the starting gate, in my opinion, but in the past couple of days I’ve actually been inundated with SPAM about Ron Paul for president. Mind you, the emails I have been getting are not campaign generated emails, they are truly SPAM. That caught my attention and apparently, the Ron Paul SPAM caught the attention of others as well:

Anti-spam researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) noted a disturbing new trend following Sunday’s Republican Candidates Presidential debate. One of the candidates has a new spam campaign dedicated to proclaiming him victorious in the debate and extolling his virtues as the future president.

The messages have headlines such as:
Ron Paul Wins GOP Debate!
Ron Paul Eliminates the IRS!
Ron Paul Stops Iraq War!
Vote Ron Paul 2008!
Iraq Scam Exposed, Ron Paul
Government Wasteful Spending Eliminated By Ron Paul

The UAB Spam Team notes, “There is no reason to believe the current spam campaign is actually endorsed by Ron Paul or his official campaign engine.”

Ron Paul is popular with the Internet and some of the recent Web polls that were taken down because of Ron Paul Spammers… 

With all the dustups of late about Ron Paul’s controversial supporters, apparently he’s still got some high aspirations and word has it he’s on a spending spree.

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14 Responses to Ron Paul’s Cult Effect

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  2. George Roberts says:

    You guys keep trying to rationalize and explain away Ron Paul. This isn’t a spam and his popularity is not JUST SPAM. Ron Paul is the only candidate for real change in this country. WE ARE ALL TIRED OF THE CURRENT REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC DIRECTIONS.

    VOTE RON PAUL 2008!!!

    You are no better than FOX NEWS with the slanted propoganda.

  3. John Howard says:

    Whenever I see the word “progressive” I know I will be hearing from a lying parasite who wants lots of free stuff from the government. Ron Paul is the natural enemy of every “progressive”. People who want what they didn’t earn never hesitate to tell lies and their favorite lies are often psychobabble. They like to insult and dismiss the mind of anyone who opposes their parasitic collectivism. (Collectivism: your wealth is “our” economy.) “Progressivism” is a cult of thieves.

  4. L. Step says:

    “Wingnuts”? I’m really getting a bit tired of these cheap shots. Still, it does give an insight into the political competency of those who employ derogatory language as a substitute for intelligent debate.

  5. ironxl84 says:

    Now hold on a gosh darned minute there George.

    I happen to like Ron Paul because he is an inherently decent, honest and principled man. That is what distinguishes him from the rest of the Republican pack, and I find his candor to be refreshing.

    However, I am NOT by any means in his “cult”, and I think that phrase creates a strong resentment on the part of his followers. They are fed up with the fact that the MSM keeps dismissing him as a sideshow and pushing the other 4 “frontrunners”, though every single one of them simply display varying levels of Ignorance and Intolerance.

    I would also state that this forum in no way should be compared to FOX News with “slanted propaganda”. That is absurd.

    This forum is actually very civil and informative, and I believe that many share my opinion.


  6. Rich says:

    Just another cult member spammer here, proud member of the Liberty cult. He serves the most outstanding koolaid. Quite refreshing.

    I must be one of the lucky ones to not get any Ron Paul spam, too bad, it would have made a great opening if I were to write an infactual political hit piece. Go sit in the corner and read a book….possibly something by John Locke, then maybe, just maybe, you will have a clue as to what Liberty means and why the RP supporters are so passionate.

    I kid…well…sorta 🙂

  7. What I find interesting from the responses here from Ron Paul supporters is that they take this post as some sort of condemnation on Ron Paul which it is not. It is a commentary on and links to other pieces on Ron Paul’s “cult” like following and some of the supporters he has attracted which have been controversial. I happen to think Ron Paul’s candor is refreshing to quote Dem Daily member ironxl84, above. I also don’t think Ron Paul has a shot at getting out of the gate in the primaries.

    And so on that note, I thank you all for sharing. Had my email box not been filled for 2 days with the SPAM mentioned in the post and had I not run across the story on the SPAM, I would not have posted about Ron Paul.

    As ironxl84 noted “This forum is actually very civil ” and sadly, it seems that Ron Paul supporters who have visited took undue offense to a post that was reitering what was already in the news and not actually dissing Paul purposely or intentionally.

  8. Darrell Prows says:

    I hope that there is some room here to go negative on Rep. Paul. What I have against him is that he shares one of the worst characteristics of the incumbent. Both of them are eager to usurp the power of the Supreme Court, a co-equal branch of government. One example. Paul is always getting on about the lack of a declaration of war for Iraq. As I read S.C. case law, Congress has more than adequately ratified our use of military force (albeit an error of monumental proportions). The legality of Viet Nam was brought to the courts, and it was determined that The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, along with funding our hostilities was all the Constitution requires of Congress in authorizing the President to use the military. I know that Paul disagrees, but what he doesn’t seem able to concede is that this is not his decision to make. “This war is illegal” is something that only the Supreme Court can decide, and both Paul and GWB seem to believe that their saying something makes it so even when they’re allowed to have nothing more than an opinion.

    Paul is big on “getting back to the Constitution’ but the S.C. disagrees with him on point after point that we’ve ever left it. Unless the guy is willing to agree that anything the S.C. says is legal is legal, I don’t want him anywhere near the Whitehouse. If he ever got his way, this country would devolve into utter chaos.

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  10. FZappa says:

    Aw, we hurt Pamela’s feelings.

    Here she was, just trying to make a few innocent observations about a “cult” of “wingnuts,” citing articles that insinuate Ron Paul supporters are behind the spam she’s getting, then linking to guilt-by-unsought association crap about a “Nazi supporter” of Ron Paul, then finishes by saying that the most fiscally responsible member of congress is on a “spending spree.”

    Poor Pamela. I’m afraid I don’t buy your little babe in the woods routine, my dear. I guess you’re learning that if you’re going to write snotty things about Ron Paul you’re going to get your pretty little cyberass handed right back to you.

  11. FZappa

    It appears Ron Paul supporters really don’t take the time to read posts before the pounce. Please don’t all flatter yourselves. No feelings hurt and you all have far from handed me anything.

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