Ten Post Round-Up: Mad Monday

Simmer down, back there! So the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Yippee! Hooray! I’m from Colorado, so I don’t wanna hear about the World Series, right now.

I’m thinking a Ten Post Round-Up will make me a feel a whole lot better…

From Signs of the Times:

* Fidel Castro pokes fun at George W. Bush:

HAVANA – Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro poked fun at President George W. Bush on Sunday for proclaiming “Long Live Free Cuba,” likening it to Spain’s king saying the same during his colonial rule over the island.Bush said the transfer of power from the ailing Fidel Castro to his brother Raul as of July 2006 was unacceptable, proclaiming liberty was more important than stability and ending his comments in the speech to the U.S. State Department on Wednesday with “Viva Cuba Libre.”

The slogan was first used by Cuban independence fighters, known as Mambisis, in 1868 as they began their decades-long war against Spain’s colonial rule. It was also the battle cry of Fidel Castro’s guerrilla fighters in the late 1950s.

Raul Castro often ends speeches with the slogan instead of Fidel Castro’s “Motherland or Death.”

“I never imagined I would hear the words coming from the mouth of a U.S. president 139 years later,” Castro said in an essay titled “Bush, Mambi?” carried by the official media.

“It’s as if a king in those times, or his governor, proclaimed ‘Viva Cuba Libre,”‘ Castro said.

(Dizzy sez: Wouldn’t it be nice if our president didn’t live with his foot in his mouth?)

* Sarkozy calls Chad children case illegal:

PARIS – President Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday condemned an attempt by a French group to spirit more than 100 children out of Chad on the grounds that they were orphans from Darfur in danger of being killed.Sarkozy called Chadian President Idriss Deby to discuss the case, his office said in a statement. Chad’s president has denounced the case as a “straightforward kidnapping” and promised punishment for anyone who tried to take the children out of the country.

At least 16 people, nine of them French, have been detained for questioning by authorities in Chad.

The nationalities of the 103 young children involved in the case are unclear. They are being cared for in the eastern Chadian city of Abeche.

* Reports: Merrill Lynch CEO close to exit:

Stan O’Neal, the beleaguered chief executive of Merrill Lynch & Co., was reportedly close to resigning Sunday amid broad criticism for leading the world’s largest brokerage to its biggest quarterly loss since it was founded 93 years ago.In a week that included an $7.9 billion write-down related to subprime mortgages and O’Neal’s unauthorized overture to sell the company to retail bank Wachovia Corp., the board of Merrill Lynch reached a broad consensus Friday for his dismissal, according to several media reports. He would become the highest-ranking casualty of the global credit crisis that swept through Wall Street’s biggest investment banks during the third quarter.

(Dizzy sez: It’s not just the “little guy” losing his shirt anymore…)

From The Democratic Daily:

* Fearing Fear and the Fear Mongers:

Paul Krugman points out the dangers of fearing fear itself, as the fear mongers continue to make it a focal point in the upcoming presidential election:

(Dizzy sez: I’m with Pamela. Wake me up in about 13 months!)

From AlterNet:

* Fundamentalist Christian Uses California Wildfires As Excuse to Attack Gays:

Oh, yeah! I was eagerly awaiting the deranged reaction of James Hartline regarding the tragic, dangerous fires in Southern California. (See Autumn’s diary and pictures on the firestorms.)Hartline, a fundamentalist, recloseted gay man with AIDS (he contracted HIV from years of unsafe sex in bathhouses) today sees himself as battling dark forces in San Diego’s “homosexual stronghold of Hillcrest,” says the fires are God’s wrath on the Homosexual Agenda.

(Dizzy sez: Fundies make me sick on so many levels.)

From The Idaho Statesman:

* Should campaign donations pay for Craig’s defense?:

Sen. Larry Craig’s decision to use campaign funds for his criminal defense appears to conflict with federal election law, according to a watchdog group.The problem for Craig, R-Idaho, is that one of his two legal teams is on the record saying Craig’s arrest and conviction for disorderly conduct are “wholly unrelated to the performance of official duties.”

Federal law prohibits the use of campaign funds for expenses unrelated to the duties of an officeholder or a candidate.

(Dizzy sez: The “Larry Craig Saga” is the Republican gift that keeps on giving. I’m almost out of popcorn!)

From Metro.co.uk:

* Hermaphrodite pony finds friendship with donkey:

Meet Tootsie – a hermaphrodite pony who lived for 12 years with his owners thinking he was female.For most of his life the Shetland pony, who has both male and female genitalia, was thought to be a mare and went by the name of Amy.

And to add to his confusion he has been taken into care, undergone a sex change operation and been re-homed – only to be shunned by his peers.

But now Tootsie – named after Dustin Hoffman’s cross-dressing character in the film of the same name – finally appears to be settling in at the Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, near Lincoln.

And he has found an unlikely friend – in stablemate Derek the donkey.

(Dizzy sez: Hey! Even hermaphrodite ponies need love, too!)

From World Science:

* Black holes may scatter “seeds of life” through cosmos:

Black holes aren’t the all-consuming mon­sters they’re of­ten por­trayed as, new re­search has found: in­stead, warm gas es­cap­ing from the clutches of gi­ant black holes could be one source of the chem­i­cal el­e­ments used for life.Black holes are cos­mic ob­jects con­sist­ing of tre­men­dous amounts of ma­te­rial packed in­to a ti­ny space. The huge quan­ti­ty of mat­ter ex­erts a grav­i­ta­tion­al pull so strong that it sucks in eve­ry­thing near­by, in­clud­ing light.

Im­me­di­ate­ly af­ter the Big Bang ex­plo­sion that as­tro­no­mers be­lieve gave birth to the uni­verse, the cos­mos is thought to have con­tained on­ly hy­dro­gen and he­li­um, the light­est chem­i­cal el­e­ments.

Heav­i­er el­e­ments had to be cooked up in stars, then scat­tered to be in­cor­po­rat­ed in oth­er stars and their plan­ets. Black holes may have helped spread those el­e­ments across the cos­mos, sci­en­tists now say.

From ABC News:

* Are Young Girls Dressing Too Revealingly?:

Among pint-sized cheerleaders, itty-bitty beauty queens, and in the malls of America, the sassy-sexy look isn’t just for teens anymore.Some say younger girls are going shorter and barer — taking their cues from characters like the Cheetah Girls, the Pussycat Dolls and the Bratz dolls — and some observers are saying they’ve had enough.

Celia Rivenbark, a mom who hit her breaking point with the shrinking fashions, wrote a book called, “Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank.”

“The moms are buying it, the dads are buying and maybe on some level the parents think, ‘Oh that’s cute, that’s harmless, that’s innocent’ — but I don’t think it is,” Rivenbank said. “The children are wearing them down.”

And psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere warns that how a child dresses as young as age three can have serious consequences.

(Dizzy sez: Childhood is hard enough without trying to dress like a grown-up. Back in the day, dressing like Madonna was scandalous. Nowadays, little girls want to dress like the Pussycat Dolls and those girls make Madonna look like a nun. Little boys are getting in on the act, these days, with wanna-be gangsta clothes marketed for toddlers as well as pre-teens. The day my little angels come home lookin’ like Britney or 50, they better be full grown and on their way to a music video shoot!)

And finally, from Morning Martini:

* Halloween Tricks?:

Halloween is approaching. Let’s think back a second. Did you ever commit a Halloween “Trick”? Egg a house? TP-a house? What did you do?

(Dizzy sez: Fess up, people! Drop by and tell your tale. I’ll spill, if you will…)

In the meantime, make today a great day and take care until tomorrow!

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