Ten Post Round-Up: 10/30/07

So many posts, so little time.

Without further ado…

From Brilliant at Breakfast.

* If parents didn’t buy these, there’d be no need to offer them:

I’m not saying that kids should be forbidden to have any allure until they’re in their 20’s, nor am I saying that a little bit of dress-up is always inappropriate. I went to my senior prom in a dress better suited to Little Bo Peep than to a seventeen-year-old in 1973. But I’m not sure that preteen kids can draw the line between the attention their costumes get on Halloween and the attention they get when they show up in class in halter tops and bare tummies. And I’m not sure that when you send your ten-year-old out on Halloween dressed as a French Maid, you should be surprised when she learns that her only currency in this world is her fuckability. Nor should you be surprised when she becomes predator bait on MySpace.

(Dizzy sez: I’m with Jill. If these “suggestive” costumes were not selling like hotcakes, they would not be available to our children. Sadly, there are parents who don’t seem to mind letting their little girls dress like hot mamas and that ain’t good. For the record, we have one little demon and one little (fully clothed) princess on call for the festivities, tomorrow night.)

* This is not a “Real Time With Bill Maher” campaign ad parody:

Print and clip this ad. And next time a Barack Obama supporter asks you why having a gay-basher emcee a fundraiser matters in the larger sphere of things, just whip this puppy out and show it as an example of what happens when you think that because your guy talks about “inclusion”, it means you can let homophobes be the public face of your campaign.

(Dizzy sez: Hey, he’s just using the tried and true strategy of winning elections: bind voters together thru hate and fear! It’s worked so well, so long, for Conservatives, why change tack now?)

* License to Kill:

Now the Administration is claiming it has the right to grant anyone it wants immunity from prosecution for crimes. The latest beneficiary? Blackwater:

(Dizzy sez: Sur-prize, Sur-prize, Sur-prize! Would we honestly expect any less from this administration? It’s like, “Hey, it’s a day ending in ‘Y’, so it must be another bit of corruption that will go unpunished by the Bush administration!”)

From The Sirens Chronicles:

* diggin’ for the truth:

huh. i guess i wonder who talked them out of that one. they don’t seem to listen to anyone’s advice but their own. they fact that a significant portion of america still adheres to this belief system- cronyism, corruption, bigotry, etc., is absolutely mind boggling. the fact that there are more people waking up to this style of ‘governing’ and ‘leadership’- is the only ray of hope i can cling to. this is par for the course with the folks who redid the white house press room to resemble a sound stage- and who brought us ‘troops pretend to like w‘ back in the early days of the war- oh- and who could forget the pentagon’s faux news bought and paid for by taxpayers’ monies- all from the folks who brought us ‘texas bush‘ who was born and raised in new england.

(Dizzy sez: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)

From Orcinus:

* The war criminals:

A lot of people are distressed by the realization that the traditional remedy for a presidency as misbegotten as the one we’re currently enduring — impeachment — simply isn’t going to happen, at least not as a political reality and given the time frame remaining.But I like to cheer them up by reminding that while impeachment may be off the table, but a war-crimes trial is not.

(Dizzy sez: Dream…Dream, dream, dream…)


* US Annexes A Chunk Of Canada:

The several minute long montage of people and vistas and soaring music is notable for a scene of Niagara Falls about four minutes in. Problem is, the producers decided not to use the American Falls at Niagara, which is really just a steep rapids after a massive rock fall in 1954, but included Horseshoe Falls, a much bigger and therefore more photogenic landmark located on the Canadian side of the border. Tough luck you hosers!You can view the video at the DiscoverAmerica site but be prepared for massive gobs of happy.

(Dizzy sez: I think I’ll pass. I live in the reality-based community, after all.)

From Jesus’ General:

* Big Brother is our biggest client: (Dizzy sez: According to AT&T, when it comes to the war on “terra”, we are all “guilty by association”)

From Signs of the Times:

* UV light may offer “double whammy” for cancer:

Using ultraviolet light may one day offer a “double whammy” to kill cancer cells by better focusing antibody-based drugs and triggering the body’s own defenses to eliminate tumors, researchers said on Tuesday.In two studies with mice, a British team cloaked antibodies — the immune system proteins that tag germs and cancer cells for elimination — with an organic oil that blocked them from reacting until illuminated with ultraviolet light.

Where did this post come from?

* Political Scientists Discover New Form Of Government:

WASHINGTON, DC—Political scientists at the Cato Institute announced Monday that they have inadvertently synthesized a previously theoretical form of government known as megalocracy.

(Dizzy sez: The Onion! How did that get in there? Hey, they don’t call me “Dizzy” for nothin’!)

Here’s a little something positive for those of you who like to make your own Halloween treats:

* How to Make Peanut Butter Fudge Ghosts

These little Halloween snacks are not only fun and easy to make but are also a tasty, gruesome treat. It’s an easy craft and cooking project that will keep the little ones busy for quite some time!

(Dizzy sez: Sounds like I got some shopping to do.)

Well, these posts should whet your whistle, until tomorrow. If you need more to read, feel free to stop by HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

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  1. Nick says:

    Funny, I always thought that a government designed by the Cato Institute would be more like a “Idiotcracy” than anything else.