Quake Near San Jose Rocks Bay Area

My daughter who is in her first year at college, called last night to tell me there was an earthquake up in Northern California. The L.A. Times reports:

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake centered in the foothills east of San Jose rocked the Bay Area on Tuesday night, shaking up residents over a broad area but producing no immediate reports of significant damage, officials said.

Residents said the quake, which was characterized as moderate but still one of the biggest in the Bay Area since the damaging 6.9-magnitude Loma Prieta quake of 1989, produced a rolling motion that lasted 10 seconds or more. […]

The quake was felt over a wide area, including the Central Valley, North Bay, Sierra Nevadas and the Monterey Peninsula.Initial reports indicated the epicenter was about nine miles northeast of San Jose City Hall.

And… as my daughter reported, it rattled some students at UCSC. 

Consequently, I’ve discovered that kids do miss their parents when the earth moves. I’m glad there were no reports of significant damage or any injuries.

For an interesting perspective of the size of the quake see the Real Time Quake Map which shows all the earthquakes in California within the last week. The largest blue box on the map is last night’s quake. The small red box within it is an aftershock. 

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