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If They Can Die For Us…

“Gay rights” has never really been one of my issues, but it’s clear to me that we have a double standard as a society and now it’s on my radar screen. The latest news out of the military seems to place the whole issue in a particularly striking light, and it certainly does merit some mention.

Biden PBS ‘Candidate Close Up’ Brings New Supporters and Money

Joe Biden’s campaign has reported an unexpected jump in donations that was traced to a interview on The NewsHour with Jim Lehr. This interview apparently caused many people to immediately donate to his campaign. Here is the YouTube video so we can all watch it: If you don’t watch this video to the end…you are missing something special. Disclosure: I don’t have a candidate yet in this election.

Return of the Katrinacrat

After some time off, I am now back. I’ve had time to think things over and regroup. I guess I’m still sort of in denial about my mom. I still can’t believe she’s gone now. So much kept happening every time I thought I would come back to the blogs. I am now ready to come back, and pick back up where I left off. I am ready for battle once again. The Katrinacrat is back! Cross Posted from The Katrinacrat Blog

Ten Post Round-Up: Aloha Friday

I have struggled and scraped for the last several days to find something, anything, to consider “good news” or “positive news”. I didn’t realize how hard it would be. With the recent deployment of my husband, back to Iraq, this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how bad news can be seen as good news (in some cases) and vice versa. For instance, of course, it’s bad news that SSG Dizzy is in Iraq, but the good news is that I have three-less loads of laundry to do, per week. The good news is, now the toilet paper goes on the roll in the “proper” direction, but the bad news is that now there is no one to go … Continue reading

And Speaking of Endorsements

And speaking of endorsement, there’s been rumblings and rumors swirling about when and who John Kerry will endorse over the past couple of days. Radar has a snarky piece about who Kerry might endorse and they are betting it will be Obama. Regardless of who Kerry endorses it will no doubt be a coup for the lucky Dem candidate, as National Journal’s John Mecurio points out the Democratic candidates are awaiting endorsements from “The Three Kings of the Democratic Party“: Forget about Oprah and Barbra. When it comes to moving votes in the Democratic primary and shaping the race for the White House, there are only three Democrats left out there whose endorsements could really change the game: Al Gore, Edward Kennedy and, yes, John … Continue reading