More on the Ron Paul SPAM

Wired is reporting on the Ron Paul SPAM story that I noted here the other day. The SPAM has been “laundered through a botnet,” which is “a standard spammer practice,” and “a decidedly illegal one.”  Gary Warner, the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s director of research in computer forensics, says, “”This is clearly a criminal act in support of a campaign, which has been committed with or without their knowledge.”

Ron Paul spokesman Jesse Benton says the campaign has no knowledge of the scam. Warner himself says that he has no reason to believe that the Paul campaign had anything to do with these messages.

Gary Warner questions, “will we see more and more of this, or will this bring shame to the campaigns and will they make clear that this is not a form of acceptable behavior by their supporters?”

There’s been speculation, Wired reports, by “some participants in the online political world” about Ron Paul’s “technically sophisticated fan base of manipulating online tools and polls to boost the appearance of a wide base of support.”

But the UAB analysis is the first to document any internet shenanigans.

The finding is significant, because Paul’s online support — as gauged by blog mentions, friends on social-networking sites such as MySpace and popularity in online polls — has garnered him wide mainstream print and television coverage, despite his relatively poor performance in offline polling.

Last week “conservative blog Redstate banned new Paul supporters from posting on its site because of their “shilling” for the candidate in conversations that had nothing to do with politics,” and Wired reports that “other sites have disabled their online polls, because they suspected that they were being gamed by Ron Paul supporters.”

Ron Paul spokesman Jesse Benton, made it clear:

“This is the first I’ve heard about this situation.”

“If it is true, it could be done by a well-intentioned yet misguided supporter or someone with bad intentions trying to embarrass the campaign,” he wrote while ferrying his boss to tape an appearance on The Tonight Show. “Either way, this is independent work, and we have no connection.”

I think it was very clear from the first report on this, that no one suspected the SPAM came from inside Paul’s campaign. It’s very possible Ron Paul simply became the subject du jour of SPAM’rs.

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7 Responses to More on the Ron Paul SPAM

  1. Johnnyb says:

    Considerable evidence suggests that this is a false story orginating in the Guiliani camp. There is a You Tube video showing that the story might be false.

    Regardless if it is or not, there is no evidence that it orginated from the Ron Paul Official Campaign.

  2. JohnnyB

    Did you read the post where I said repeatedly that this no doubt did NOT originate from Paul’s campaign? That is very clear.

    As for this being a “false story orginating in the Guiliani camp” — I’m sorry I don’t buy that one, because if you check my link to my first post on this, I said that I had received the Ron Paul SPAM.

  3. FZappa says:

    What is this “Scam”? All that is being alleged is that someone is sending spam emails with Ron Paul’s name on it. I seriously doubt it’s a Ron Paul supporter, but even if it is, so what? I get Hillary and Edwards spam all the time.

    Ron Paul is going to be president. I can tell, because the attacks on him are so weak!

  4. disinter says:

    How to Whip This Ron Paul Character and All His Whacky Followers.

    Ron Paul can be defeated by ignorance. Ignore him if you can.
    By lies. Misrepresent his positions whenever possible.
    By word gaming. As Lenin advised, “First, confuse the vocabulary.”
    By contempt. Dismiss him as amusing and pathetic.
    By smearing his supporters. Find the worst and spotlight them. Call them a cult.
    By consensus. Dismiss him with peer-pressure ridicule.
    By false accusations. Spread them quickly and far.
    By never discussing his policies. Change the subject to his person.
    By the polls. Ask the right people the right questions and get the answer you want.
    By reporting his most unpopular votes. But don’t report his reasoning.
    By rudeness. Wreck any debate where his ideas are winning.
    With all these tools, he can be easily defeated. Use them generously.
    But Ron Paul cannot be defeated by refuting him in an honest and courteous technical debate. Avoid that.

    – Moderno Machiavelli

  5. jmklein says:

    So if the online support is all fake, were do we come from? Do you guys think the campaign created us in a Frankenstein lab? — ———

  6. Tara says:

    Ron Paul Campaign Under Cyber Attack

    There has been a recent flurry of news articles that have made the conjecture that the Ron Paul campaign or his supporters are in possession of a botnet and are using it to generate spam emails for the candidate. I have been in the business of computer technology for a long time and have good friends in the IT security business and we have discussed this at length. Cui-bono (who benefits)

    I find it far more likely that this botnet spam attack is not the design of the Paul campaign or any of its supporters. It is far more likely that this is the release of a first round of direct cyber attack against the Ron Paul campaign. I base this opinion on the fact that the attack is becoming clearly targeted at the youtube videos of Ron Paul. Youtube links to his videos are beginning to be inserted into the the body of these spam message and as a direct result the video’s are being pulled by youtube for violation of their terms of use policy.

    This attack method can do far more harm than good for the Ron Paul campaign so I will make a guess that this is the work of those in the NSA using cyber war tactics out of loyalty or possibly under orders to use this stealth attack method to derail the Ron Paul campaign by using the campaign’s online strength against them.

    I expect that after these attackers have used this method to remove the best google and youtube videos touting the Ron Paul campaign, that the attack method will change and will then go after other key components of the campaign’s online strength such as the Web 2.0 communities. These utilities will likely be spammed and the organizations using the applications will be banned from their use.

    This is nefarious and demonstrates the kind of tactics that the establishment could use to serve their interest in stopping the advance of Ron Paul and the Revolution for freedom that he is leading as well as his Presidential bid. I can only hope that the Ron Paul online army has some equally talented cyber warriors that can help stop this attack before it is ramped up even further.