The Politics of Dish and Swipe

The Obama campaign had a little two for one deal going today when Obama spokesman Bill Burton used the opportunity of responding to Rudy Giuliani calling Obama’s Iran strategy “naive” and “irresponsible,” to take a swipe at Hillary Clinton. This is tacky stuff coming from the Obama campaign:

While Rudy Giuliani may embrace Hillary Clinton’s policy of not talking and saber rattling towards Iran, Barack Obama knows that policy is not working,” Burton said in a statement. “It’s time for tough and direct diplomacy with Iran, not lectures from a Mayor who skipped out on the Iraq Study Group to give paid speeches, and who was naive and irresponsible enough to recommend someone with ties to convicted felons for Secretary of Homeland Security.”

I have to agree with Big Tent Democrat, “Some seem to like this type of campaigning. I think it is abhorrent.”

Hillary had it right today in responding to Obama’s criticism of Clinton on the NBC “Today” that “her post-debate strategy of effectively portraying herself as a victim.” Obama pulled the gender card. Another tacky move. Here’s what Hillary had to say back to Obama:  

I don’t think they’re picking on me because I’m a woman, I think they’re picking on me because I’m winning.”

Touche. Apparently the “Debate Fallout Has No Immediate Impact on Clinton Poll Position.” Meanwhile, Obama wasn’t the only one swiping unsubstantially at Clinton today… Edwards dished it out too.  These two have got to do better than this. Both of them, hyping themselves as being about the politics of hope and change and this is what we get? The politics of dish and swipe. Ugh.

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2 Responses to The Politics of Dish and Swipe

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  2. egalia says:

    I agree. I’m thoroughly depressed about Edwards and Obama. Who needs a right wing smear machine when you have Dems like this?