The Right-Wing Smear Machine Cranks Up

I think we all know it — next year the Republican Party is going to run as dirty an election campaign as we’ve ever seen in this country. I’ve seen it first hand, and their shadowy front-groups are going to be out in force.

And it won’t just be the Presidential race, but the entire apparatus of the Republican Party will use the same right wing “Swift-Boat” style attack tactics in every race at every level.

And in the run-up to 08, it’s already happening in a state legislative race in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, the term “Swift-Boating” which should apply only to the boats and sailors we knew and loved, has taken on a whole new meaning today. It pains my crewmates.

But the best way to reclaim the real meaning of the word is to stamp out the ugly politics it’s now associated with on the Republican side: the use of outside, shadowy groups with lots of money to spread smears and lies about someone.

Which brings us to Common Sense America. This group, run by a James Dobson acolyte, has smeared a number of New Jersey Democrats who have supported clean elections and civil rights in New Jersey. They are spending more than a quarter of a million dollars just to defeat Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, a key fighter for clean elections in New Jersey, in the 14th Legislative district.

These right-wing front groups are trying to infiltrate elections on every level, trying to turn their weapons of fear and smear against Democrats no matter the time or place.

I know people are sick and tired of these kinds of attacks, but it’s up to us, the activists and public servants on the other side, to fight against them. I’m just starting — just gearing up for the battle — there’s no way I’m going to stand by while Democrats are mugged by the hired thugs of the right-wing smear machine.

From Linda Greenstein to our eventual Presidential nominee, if the right-wing thinks they can slime their way through another election, they’ve got another think coming.

They have damaged our country with their ideology, they are throwing up roadblocks in DC to our getting about the business of fixing their damage, and they are going to pay for it at the ballot box — and that starts now.

For more information on Common Sense America’s right-wing smear campaign against Linda Greenstein:

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4 Responses to The Right-Wing Smear Machine Cranks Up

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  2. john stone says:

    I posted this comment on John Kerry’s website yesterdayand I would like to say it here also:I agree this has to stop.The Swift Boat attacks were downright criminal. Rus Limbaugh is their mouthpiece. Fox Noise runs 24 hours a day with the likes of Sean Hannity,Ann Coulter and Bill Kristol to name a few. The people that listen to this garbage should be real proud of George Bush and his neo-cons. We could have had John Kerry as President. That would have been great for America and the world.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    maybe it’s just me but I don’t think that it is really going to work in 2008. A. All but the base really are tuning out the right wing noise machine more than ever now. And B. What they are going to have running on their side, whoever it turns out to be, is just not going to be real appealing.

  4. Senator Kerry,

    Thank you for taking the time to write and for your continued service to America.

    I still am optimistic about our future as long as we have leaders like you who work to end smears, swift-boating, character assassination, and the like. The Senate and House leadership need to understand that we are in a struggle for our very freedom in America. That those who seek to undermine our elections, our civil rights, our freedoms of press and speech, our rights to habeas corpus, our rights to fair trials, and who suppress scientific investigation must not be tolerated. That every appointment whether it be Federal Judge, or Attorney General, must be held to the high standard it shall require to restore our nation to its rightful support of the Constitution and the rule of law.