Ten Post Round-Up: Circlin’ The Globe

I hope ya’ll remembered to reset your clocks, last night. Daylight Saving Time is over and it’s time to “fall back”. While you’re at it, don’t forget to put new batteries in your smoke detectors.

Today’s round-up includes posts I found from around the world and, of course, a few posts from this corner of the globe. These are posted for your entertainment or “edutainment”, if you will. Many of the posts may or may not reflect my own personal opinions or the opinions of the other writers on the blog where you may read this. It is what it is and that’s all.

Movin’ right along…

From Telegraph:

  • Named, the defector who misled US over Iraq:

    The Iraqi defector whose fabricated account of Baghdad’s biological weapons programme was crucial to the US case for war will be identified today on American TV as an accused thief and failed chemical engineering student.Known as Curveball by Western intelligence agencies, the man is named for the first time on CBS’s 60 Minutes show as Rafid Ahmed Alwan.

    After escaping Iraq and reaching Germany in 1999, he claimed to be an engineer who had run a biological weapon plant for Saddam.
    But according to the programme, he earned low marks in chemical engineering at university and was accused of theft at an Iraqi TV station where he worked.

    (Dizzy sez: The US of A sold down the river for a liar and a charlatan…and his name ain’t GW Bush? Wish I was surprised…)

  • The deceit behind global warming:

    No one can deny that in recent years the need to “save the planet” from global warming has become one of the most pervasive issues of our time. As Tony Blair’s chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, claimed in 2004, it poses “a far greater threat to the world than international terrorism”, warning that by the end of this century the only habitable continent left will be Antarctica. Inevitably, many people have been bemused by this somewhat one-sided debate, imagining that if so many experts are agreed, then there must be something in it. But if we set the story of how this fear was promoted in the context of other scares before it, the parallels which emerge might leave any honest believer in global warming feeling uncomfortable.

    (Dizzy sez: Whatever the subject or topic of discussion, it behooves anyone who cares to study all sides of a debate in order to have a context in which to have an intelligent discussion, no matter which side of the debate you come down on.)

From Globe and Mail:

  • Infighting among NATO members snarls Afghan mission, ex-commander says:

    LONDON — Chaos and competing goals among NATO nations involved in Afghanistan are preventing progress there, according to the British general who commanded the Afghan mission until February.“The nations contributing to [the NATO mission in Afghanistan], together with the Afghan government, have yet to agree, and to start efficiently implementing, a coherent strategy,” Sir David Richards told a conference of leaders yesterday organized by the Canadian government in London.

    Gen. Richards was frank about the reason for this deterioration: “General Dan McNeill, the ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] commander, has too few troops to conduct the operation in a manner that meets the basic rules of a counterinsurgency campaign.”

    (Dizzy sez: That “other war” ain’t goin’ so hot, either.)

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

  • Arms makers winning war on terrorism:

    ARMS manufacturers are making record profits from the war on terrorism and unprecedented spending on weapons programs.The massive earnings have drawn condemnation from Australian defence experts, who say expensive weapons such as jet fighters, warships and satellites are not the way to combat terrorism.

    (Dizzy sez: At least “somebody” is winning the war on terra…)

From Times Online:

  • Saudi Arabia is hub of world terror:

    It was an occasion for tears and celebration as the Knights of Martyrdom proclaimed on video: “Our brother Turki fell during the rays of dawn, covered in blood after he was hit by the bullets of the infidels, following in the path of his brother.” The flowery language could not disguise the brutal truth that a Saudi family had lost two sons fighting for Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

    (Dizzy sez: With friends like these…yada, yada, yada…)

From Reuters UK:

  • Whalers and surfers tussle at sea:

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese fishermen tussled with over 30 anti-whaling protesters in waters off the country’s eastern coast this week as the activists tried to stop the killing of thousands of pilot whales.A group of mostly Australian and American activists, some on surfboards, left flowers at sea off Taiji, a historic whaling town some 450 km (280 miles) west of Tokyo.

    But the ceremony on Monday, shown in a video provided by the activists, was interrupted by a boat of local fishermen, who used a long pole to chase away the protesters. Whales could be seen swimming on the other side of the boat.

    (Dizzy sez: It looks like “The Cheerleader” is really trying to save the world.)

From FoxNews.com:

  • Judge Removed for Deciding Case With Coin Toss:

    RICHMOND, Va. — A judge who ordered a woman to drop her pants and decided a custody dispute by flipping a coin was removed from the bench by the Virginia Supreme Court on Friday. The decision against Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge James Michael Shull of Gate City was unanimous.

    (Dizzy sez: “Damned, activist judges!”)

From The Future Was Yesterday:

  • Fundie Sunday School:

    Your Weekly Peek In the pews. Jesus sold separately.

    (Dizzy sez: You can call this post, “Fundies Gone Wild”)

From Shakesville:

  • Fred Thompson and the Drug Dealer:

    GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson has been able to overcome charges that he lobbied for pro-choice advocacy groups and gave legal advice to lawyers who were defending the Pan Am 103 terrorists, but now he’s got an adviser and donor to his campaign who is a convicted drug dealer.

    (Dizzy sez: Another day, another Republican scandal to sweep under the rug…)

From High Times:


    The United States Constitution provides the foundation for the rights that protect all U.S. citizens from intrusive law enforcement practices. These rights should be exercised by everyone in all circumstances, regardless of whether or not an individual is guilty of a crime. Rights are like muscles — if they are not exercised, they wither away.

    (Dizzy sez: Innocent people get hemmed up every day. It’s harder to hem up people who are aware of their constitutional rights than it is to set up someone who assumes that the powers that be will “do the right thing”.)

Well, it’s Sunday, so that means I got a lot to do around the house (those dust bunnies won’t corral themselves, ya know?).

I’m just gonna finish up my morning cuppa and stop by my favorite haunts, HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

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