Ten Post Round-Up: Monday Madness

Ah, Monday.

Four more days to Friday.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long week.

Drumroll, please!

From The Huffington Post:

  • The Worst Economy Of Our Lifetime, pt. II:

    Yet last week the economic news was upbeat. The US economy grew 3.9% and the economy added 166,000 jobs. Shouldn’t people be happy about those developments?The answer is no they shouldn’t. As I noted in the first installment in this series, job and wage growth for this expansion is poor at best. Simply put, if you hadn’t had a meaningful raise for the duration of “greatest story never told” you’d be frustrated to. But that poor job and pay growth only tell part of the story. The bottom line is the underpinnings of the Bush economy are terrible – and they are starting to come home to roost in a big way.

  • O’Reillysaurus: A Dinosaur In Dire Need Of A Tar-Pit:

    Evolved from the reptilian mccarthy-goebbels sub-order, the O’Reillysaurus exists in a primeval ooze where its small brain, in contrast to its massive, fat head and even larger ego, is fraught with an all-consuming paranoia that finds a fast-approaching imaginary asteroid, intent on casting an lethal Ice Age over Fox News, Christianity and Factor Gear, hiding behind every secular-progressive tar-pit. Though its sex life is sketchy, the O’Reillysaurus’s stalking of the Andreamakris Producersaurs indicates a preference for smaller, weaker conquests.When there is no asteroid to fear, the O’Reillysaurus has an instinctive ability to make one up…as in its syndicated column this week, where it rolled out its usual condemnation of the Left with no concern of who or what it stomped on to destroy its prey.

    (Dizzy sez: Sadly, the “O’Reillysaurus” has no idea how extinct he truly is…Only cavemen continue to hunt this beast for “sustenance”.)

From Brilliant at Breakfast:

  • Money-grubbing sleazebags:

    No surprise here: It seems that the recent run-up in oil prices is related less to Middle East conflict or supply shortages than to outright greed on the part of oil traders speculating on anticipated higher prices:

  • The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name:

    Kucinich’s presence in the race makes it interesting in that it has the effect of nudging the eventual nominee (provided said nominee is not named “Hillary Clinton”) to the left. He’s unserious without having the kind of Grandpa Simpson Comic Relief that someone like Mike Gravel has. As entertaining as Kucinich may be on The Colbert Report, his repeated quixotic quests for the White House are starting to make him seem like a lefty Harold Stassen.Doesn’t mean I don’t agree with him, though.

  • Now we know why Republicans hate lawyers:

    The pesky thing about lawyers is that they know the law. When you have a dictator (or as in the case of the U.S., a would-be dictator) cracking down on dissent, it’s the lawyers who are the biggest threat.

From Signs of the Times:

  • Science: Grandfather made me what I am:

    But, in fact, your life has been directly influenced not just by the genes but by the experiences of your grandparents – what they ate and what they did.This could mean that your health was partly determined before you were born, even before your parents were born, according to the science of epigenetics.

    This new field, “epigenetic inheritance”, has transformed our views of why we are the way we are. It suggests that there is a system of switches, able to turn genes on and off, controlled by environmental factors such as nutrition.

  • Subpoenas in AIPAC spy trial could reveal Bush team’s inner workings:

    Subpoenas issued to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and other top Bush administration officials could end up shedding unprecedented light on the government’s dealings with the pro-Israel lobby and the Bush administration’s inner workings.In an unusually broad ruling Friday in the classified information case against two ex-officials at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a federal judge allowed the defense to subpoena 15 administration officials over the objections of the Bush administration.

    (Dizzy sez: The “$65,000 question” is whether they will actually show up…)

  • Top US analyst hits back after death threats over Citigroup downgrade:

    Meredith Whitney, the analyst who prompted a $369 billion (£177 billion) plunge in the value of US shares on Thursday by issuing a negative note on Citigroup, hit out at Wall Street’s culture of intimidation yesterday after receiving several death threats from investors in the bank.Ms Whitney, a CIBC analyst who is married to the former World Wrestling Entertainment champion Death Mask, prompted a near 7 per cent drop in Citigroup’s shares on Thursday, after suggesting that the bank needed to raise more than $30 billion to restore its capital cushion.

    She also downgraded her recommendation on Citigroup’s shares to “market underperform” in the note that set off America’s biggest stock market decline since August.

    (Dizzy sez: Wow! Death threats? I guess being a stock analyst is a very scary business, these days, especially since it’s not just “the little guy” losing his shirt, right now.)

From Yahoo! News:

  • Mukasey Is (Much) Worse Than Gonzales:

    There is no question that one of the ugliest manifestations of that expansion of authority involves the Bush-Cheney administration’s embrace of extraordinary rendition and torture as tools for achieving its ends. But those who focus too intensely on Mukasey’s troubling dance around the waterboarding question make a mistake. Even if the nominee were to embrace the Geneva Conventions — not to mention the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — and condemn all forms of torture as the cruel and unusual punishment that they are, he would still be an entirely unacceptable choice to serve as the nation’s chief law-enforcement officer.And while some Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have made their peace with Mukasey — shame on New York’s Chuck Schumer and California’s Dianne Feinstein — the fight to block this nomination cannot be abandoned. Mukasey’s critics on the committee, led by Leahy and Feingold, should do everything in their power to re-frame the debate to focus on the broader question of whether a president can break the law — and on the nominee’s entirely unacceptable answers to it. They should pressure Schumer and Feinstein to reconsider, and they should reach out, aggressively, to “Republicans who know better” such as Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter.

    (Dizzy sez: I guess folks need to be reminded that the Attorney General is NOT the Presidents’ personal attorney! He is the chief law enforcement officer in the government who may serve as an adviser to the president; advising him how to follow the law. Not helping the president break it!)

From Morning Martini:

  • A Problem or a Plan?:

    Do you think bush is worried about what Musharraf has done in Pakistan, or is he taking notes to use about a year from now?I’m trying to figure out what if anything the US can do to stop Musharraf, or are they secretly supporting his actions.

    (Dizzy sez: I have to admit that the same things Pissed Off Patricia is concerned about, bother me, too. Is what is happening in Pakistan a primer for what we can expect in this country before January 2009?)

I think today’s postings call for another huge cuppa spiked with something a little stronger than coffee creamer!

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