Campaign Games and Reruns

Is there some game playing going on among the ’08 Democratic candidates and their advisors? Some seem to think there is and one campaign advisor is saying “just because there’s a writers’ strike in Hollywood, doesn’t mean everything you’re seeing is reruns.”

First there’s Joe Trippi’s weird post about the 2008 presidential race being a “whole new season, with an entirely different cast of characters.” But that’s not exactly the case, as Trippi himself knows full well. Trippi, who worked for Howard Dean in ’04 is now working for John Edwards in this season and Edwards, is actually a rerun candidate from campaign ’04. The writer’s may be on strike here in Hollywood, but some seem to think that Joe Trippi is using the same tactics with John Edwards campaign that he used with Howard Dean’s campaign in ’04.

Some of us don’t need a reality check to remember Howard Dean’s “bloody battle with Dick Gephardt while John Kerry slipped past the both of them,” in Iowa.  It seems a little odd to some that Joe Trippi who is “close friends with Obama advisor David Axlerod,” ended up in the Edwards camp. And now there’s a conspiracy theory floating in the blogs…

Axlerod and Trippi decide Edwards can’t possibly win, so Axlerod sends Trippi to Edwards’ campaign to put on a full-blown attack, and like a suicide bomber, Edwards blows up his own campaign, dragging Hillary down in the process with a rallying cry of “Hillary Must Not Win.”

Talk about your “triangulation.” If there is any merit to this it could explain why Obama’s numbers have gone up in Iowa, while “his two main rivals have taken a bit of a hit from all this sniping and finger-pointing by Edwards.”

Kerry fared well in Iowa for 2 reasons. One, he worked a damn good ground game under the wire for months before the caucus. Two, he stayed out of the fray as Dean and Gephardt got into it. John Edwards should remember this. Joe Trippi should remember this. So what’s the deal?

The clock is ticking as we draw closer to the primaries. The polls are all over the map but the bottomline seems to be at this point, Clinton is still maintaining a considerable lead among the Democratic candidates. Is there some game playing going on behind the scenes with campaign advisors? I dunno… But, I don’t personally see any of this negative campaigning boding well for anyone who partakes of it. Clinton as it stands now is very much a threat to Obama and Edwards. If Trippi and Edwards were smart, they’d lay off the negative, because it’s hurting him more than his opponents.

Stay tuned… The writers may be on strike in Hollywood for a while, and though the ’08 election cast does have a rerun or two involved, it appears to be the best drama going.

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2 Responses to Campaign Games and Reruns

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I don’t know if other people have reached burnout this cycle, or if it’s just me. I’m not talking about the candidates much in my daily life, and I’m not hearing much said about them. The scorekeepers are still watching the game pretty close, but I wonder if there are still as many fans paying attention.

    For one thing, I think that alot of people have just made up their minds and are not going to tune back in until it’s time to actually vote.

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