Hillary Talks Green

Hillary Clinton was pushing her “Go Green” platform on Wednesday in New Hampshire, with TV home improvement guru Bob Villa by her side. Clinton “declared that the nation urgently needs to decrease its energy dependence and create new environmentally friendly sources of energy.”

We are more dependent on foreign oil today than we were on 9-11,” she said. “I think it’s time for the Bush administration to pay attention to the costs that are being imposed on Americans every single day because of these high gas prices.”

Clinton’s message struck a chord in a week that has seen record highs in the global oil market and higher gasoline prices at the pump.

“Not only are we doing nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but the President and the Vice President are using very belligerent language, talking about World War Three which has clearly sent a signal in the opposite direction,” Clinton said.

Clinton said exploiting alternative energy sources and making more efficient use of existing fuels would help the Earth as well as the economy by creating five million “green collar jobs” in a decade.

“Those are jobs that can’t be outsourced,” said Clinton. “Those are good jobs.”

Clinton outlined an “Energy Independence Bond proposal, similar to U.S. savings bonds, during a town hall-style meeting,” and she said “proceeds from her plan would pay for new energy projects and update the power grid – so people could even sell their own unused electricity.”

During World War II, Americans purchased more than $33 billion in war bonds. We can appeal to that same sense of patriotism. … Just as we came together then, we can come together now,” said Clinton.

She has spent this week talking about energy. In Iowa, she plugged her plan for a $50 billion strategic energy fund, coupled with tougher fuel efficiency standards financed in part by $20 billion in “green vehicle bonds.” It’s part of a package she calls the most comprehensive offered to tackle global warming.

“My plan to meet these challenges is based on the old-fashioned idea of shared responsibility. We all have a role to play,” she said. “It will take leadership – but it will also take citizenship. It will take a movement for change from the ground up. That’s how America has always tackled our big problems.”

There’s more on Clinton’s energy plan on Grist. I like it. I’m impressed. Highlights include:

• A cap-and-trade system, aiming for 80% emission reductions from 1990 levels by 2050, that auctions 100% of pollution credits.
• Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency
• Investment, investment, investment
• Making energy a core concern of government
• Focus on shared responsibilities and economic opportunities
• Biofuel subsidies
• Clean coal subsidies

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7 Responses to Hillary Talks Green

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  2. John says:

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    We invite our nation’s politcal leaders to show what they are doing to be green in their homes and government offices. Please feel free to Upload your videos to us by going to http://www.greenenergytv.com and click UPLOAD VIDEO (tab).

    We currently have viewers in 110 countries around the world!

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  3. Darrell Prows says:

    I have one question about this, and I apologize for not having the time to go over proposals myself.

    What sacrifice is she asking us to make? Efficiency is good, because speaks of badly needed changes, but is she clear in stressing that we are all going to have to do a hell of alot better, and it won’t be painless to actually make it happen.

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  6. Canaan says:

    “What sacrifice is she asking us to make?”

    For individuals, she’s pushing the switch from incandescent to green light bulbs. That’s no sacrifice at all — better for the environment, use less power and cost less. My ceilings are so high, I risk my life everytime I go up on the ladder to change the light bulb. Longer lasting bulbs – I’m okay with that.

  7. retro says:

    As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.