Smart Move By Clinton Campaign to Fight Inaccurate News

There’s a lot of buzz generating today about the big non news story that Todd noted below about whether or not the Clinton campaign tipped a waitress. It’s this kind of inane news that makes people think the media is “really nuts.”

The Clinton campaign stepped it up a bit yesterday and “introduced a Web site dedicated exclusively to the instantaneous rebuttal of charges or news reports it deems offensive or wrong.” Jim Rutenberg reports, “Phil Singer, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, said her campaign felt the need to have such a Web site because much of the news about her tends to “spread like wildfire” online.”

“There’s just been a proliferation of news reporting on the Internet,” Mr. Singer said. “As such, you’ve got a much faster echo effect when something hits the political zeitgeist, and it’s becoming increasingly urgent to have a mechanism in place that allows you to respond.”

News of the Clinton campaign’s new website, The Fact Hub, immediately reminded me of a similar fact check web site used by the Kerry campaign in ’04 — Debunker. Launching The Fact Hub, was a smart move by the Clinton campaign. Of course, folks involved with Kerry ’04 will remember that Peter Daou, Hillary Clinton’s Internet Communications Director, played a big part in Kerry’s Debunker. Kudo’s to the Clinton campaign for their launch of The Fact Hub.

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