The Lion Has Roared

In keeping with Dizzy’s “somber Saturday” theme below, comes word that one of the last great literary lions of the 20th century has died. “Norman Mailer, the combative, controversial and often outspoken novelist who loomed over American letters longer and larger than any writer of his generation, died today in … Continue reading

Ten Post Round-Up: Somber Saturday

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and this morning, I have been reflecting on all the veterans I know. My husband, my father and mother, both my paternal and maternal grandfathers, my uncles, and some of my closest friends are all vets. Almost all of my friends are Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans. I … Continue reading

Right-wingers loves them some dictators, until they outlive their usefulness

I don’t know who wrote Krauthammer’s column today, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him. Why else would the column truthfully discuss the vile dictators the Right-wing administrations in the US have chosen to support: Pakistan is not the first time we’ve faced hard choices about democratization. At the height … Continue reading