Ten Post Round-Up: Somber Saturday

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and this morning, I have been reflecting on all the veterans I know.

My husband, my father and mother, both my paternal and maternal grandfathers, my uncles, and some of my closest friends are all vets. Almost all of my friends are Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans. I live and work on a military post, so I am around vets on a daily basis. I make my living entertaining them. My business has thrived thanks to their support.

I am DJing a birthday party, tonight, for a couple who hired me to DJ their wedding reception, two short weeks, ago. The young man who hired me is a soldier. Last night, we were chatting and he told me that he was preparing to go to Iraq (for the 3rd time), in two weeks (probably the same day/time as my husband). When I expressed what a shame it was for newlyweds to be separated so soon after getting married, he informed me that his new bride is also a soldier and that she would also be going to Iraq, in a couple of months. Hearing all of that kind of left me with a somber feeling. I can only hope for the best for these newlyweds, but I can’t help but think about the worst that could happen.

Tonight, we are going to have a slammin’ party and celebrate life and enjoy strong friendships (in a room full of other Iraq/Afghanistan war vets). For a little while, I will put my somber mood on the shelf and party like it’s “1999”.

Of course, I should post this round-up before I slip into a massive time warp…

From Scatablog:

  • Gutless:

    Just think about that for a minute. Since there’s nothing that requires me to stop bribing the thug, I’ll continue to do so. There’s also nothing that I know of that requires him to keep funding the thug. This is not an explanation, it’s a lame excuse for continuing to do what he wants to do while appearing to say he’s being forced by legal circumstances to do it.

    (Dizzy sez: Apparently, Bush is making excuses for continuing to support Musharraf.)

  • Cover your ass:

    TPM’s Election Central has discovered the machinations that led to the rushed vote on Mukasey the other night. It turns out that Harry Reid struck a deal with the Thuglicans. He would let the Mukasey vote go forward if they would let the Dems pass a defense appropriations bill for $450 billion which did not include money for Iraq and Afghanistan. That way they would have some cover when they try to stonewall on a funding bill requiring a pullout from Iraq.

    (Dizzy sez: Democrats making more excuses for selling America down the river…)

From Crooks and Liars:

  • Solidarity:

    I remember how committed the Southern California grocery strikers were a few years ago. They were picketing for months and months and people really responded to them…Digby writes about Unions and supporting the striking workers as only she can.

    (Dizzy sez: Now, if the Democrats would truly stand in solidarity with the American people who helped elect them into office…)

  • So much for the ’strong dollar’ policy:

    Realistically, it’s almost impossible to believe that Bush is some kind of Manchurian President, intentionally screwing up and deliberately undermining the United States. But sometimes, it’s hard not to wonder. Dan Froomkin, for example, did a nice job today describing Bush’s disastrous dollar policy.

    (Dizzy sez: Maybe he did it accidentally on purpose?)

From The Huffington Post:

  • Broadway Set To Go Dark Tonight As Workers Vote Strike:

    More than two dozen Broadway plays and musicals were set to go dark Saturday in the crucial run-up to the lucrative holiday season as stagehands prepared to strike, a person familiar with contract negotiations.

    (Dizzy sez: No TV or Movies or Broadway? And all I got left are these poisonous killer Chinese-made toys to play with! When I’m depressed like this, I like to go shopping, but I’m afraid the terrorists are gonna get me when I go to the mall. At least I’ve always got the “internets”…*sigh*)

  • Biographer: Norman Mailer Dead at Age 84:

    NEW YORK — Norman Mailer, the macho prince of American letters who for decades reigned as the country’s literary conscience and provocateur with such books as “The Naked and the Dead” and “The Executioner’s Song” died Saturday, his literary executor said. He was 84.Mailer died of acute renal failure at Mount Sinai Hospital, said J. Michael Lennon, who is also the author’s biographer.

    From his classic debut novel to such masterworks of literary journalism as “The Armies of the Night,” the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner always got credit for insight, passion and originality.

    Some of his works were highly praised, some panned, but none was pronounced the Great American Novel that seemed to be his life quest from the time he soared to the top as a brash 25-year-old “enfant terrible.”

From Signs Of The Times:

  • US to purchase $700m worth of arms from Israel:

    The US Congress on Friday approved the purchase of weapons and technological systems from Israel’s defense industries for $700 million.The advanced technological products will be acquired as part of the American security budget for the coming year to be used by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The purchase of weapons from Israel is not part of Israel’s annual defense aid from the United States, which amounts to $2.4 billion and is expected to grow in 2009 to an annual average of $ 3 billion for the following 10 years.

    (Dizzy sez: Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy, inside?)

  • Roots of Fundamentalism traced to 16th-century Bible translations:

    The English Reformation – heyday of religious change – spurred a fundamentalist approach to Bible reading, according to new research by a Harvard professor.“Evangelical reading habits after 1525 were disciplinary, punishing and even demeaning,” says James Simpson, Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker Professor of English in Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

    In 1525, Protestant reformer William Tyndale translated the Bible into early modern English. Scholars have widely hailed that moment as a liberating step for the literate public, who could suddenly read the Bible on their own terms – without the constraints of priestly interpretation.

    Simpson disagrees.

    “The 16th-century moment was not the foundation of liberalism, as many historians have maintained, but rather the foundation of fundamentalism,” he says. “Anyone who wants to understand how fundamentalism is a product of the modern era must look to its birth in the 16th century.”

    (Dizzy sez: Christian Fundamentalists–scaring the masses for more than 400 years!)

From PressBanner.com:

  • Decisions, decisions:

    Success can be measured in inches or accomplishments, in test scores or yards, in pounds or progress.
    For home-schooled students and students who complete the majority of their education outside a traditional classroom, success is measured in any of these ways and more.

    For Ivanna Bertsch, a 22-year-old who was home-schooled second grade through 12th grade, success was finding a job that fit her interests.

    (Dizzy sez: No matter where/how a child is educated, success is less about the “diploma” and more about what they can or decide to do with the things they have learned.)

From The Angry Black Woman:

  • Dear Religious Black People:

    Speaking as a black woman who was raised in the church (AME Zion, to be precise, but I have strong Baptist ancestry, too), speaking as a woman who is still deeply spiritual though no longer Christian, speaking as a woman who is queer, I have something to say: Knock it the fuck off.I understand the tension between LGBT folks and Christianity, but what you need to understand is that this whole crap where you participate in bigotry, discrimination, and hate is not only un-Christian, it’s completely insane from people who not that long ago were considered a half step above gorillas by many people and are still considered such by a significant minority now.

    (Dizzy sez: You tell ’em, sistah!)

Never a dull moment in blog-land!

That’s enough crud for one day. Make sure you get out and actually enjoy your weekend from outside the “internets”! Take care of yourselves and make it a great day! (No, I didn’t say “have a great day”, I said “make it a great day!”…Go on! I dare ya!)

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