Keith Olbermann and Paul Rieckhoff on Veteran’s Free Speech Denied

I’ve been laying low over the past few days taking some time for myself, which is something I rarely do. I didn’t want to end the long Veteran’s Day weekend however, with out taking a moment to thank all the Veterans who have served our nation.

I just finished watching the video below of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown which highlights the fact that yesterday anti-war Veteran’s were denied the right to free speech in both Long Beach, CA and Boston, MA. Watch Olbermann with Paul Rieckhoff (IAVA) here:

It’s a truly sad statement on the state of this nation when we deny our Veterans the right to march in a Veteran’s Day parade because they are against this ill gotten war based on lies. Whatever happened to freedom of speech in America? Never mind… the answer is BushCo.

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One Response to Keith Olbermann and Paul Rieckhoff on Veteran’s Free Speech Denied

  1. green bean says:

    In the line of fire, support means backup, reinforcement. Troops follow orders every step of the way in the battlefield. The mission to take out Saddam Hussein for his alledged WMD has long been accomplished. Troops go home with a piece of history they could be proud of. But the naked truth is though, they are now there to buy time for politicians to get their acts together. Military officers are not politicians. The troops are supporting a government which otherwise may collapse. Unless they become part of the structure, the structure may otherwise fall. Allowing elected officials do nothing is by no way supporting the troops. If there is no military solution, where is the political solution? Not pushing the Administration for political progress, how do you reinforce the backup and help the troops desperately need? If you think republicans wounldn’t be kicking butts if there is a democrat president, think again. “Stay as long as it takes” itself is fatal by definition. Freedom can be fought, preserved and advanced by military actions. But the world is run by politics. “Defend the country but not the policy is phony” is harsh and self-serving. “Condemn the ad but not the act” is soft pussy. Shouldn’t the congress demand leadership instead of the other way around? Executive power play at home or no executive power play, troops are needed in many more corners of the world than ever before. Without steadfast leadership, world troubles pop up like wildfire. Without leadership, men and women in uniform can only fight and delay the inevitable. Support the troops is to demand government actions on political fronts. Government inaction puts pressure and agony on the troops. We thank and appreciate their courage and sacrifices. I have not heard of one single war veteran called himself or herself a hero. And yet they always remember the fallen. Failure on political fronts is not an option in the war on terror. It costs lives, prolongs wars and embolden terrorists. They are the exact same things wars are trying to prevent. Support the troops for their missions does not translate to support the politicians for their positions at all. Nevertheless, only politicians can make their missions achievable.