Harry Reid Calls on Bush to Withdraw Troops

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said “Democrats won’t approve more money for the Iraq war this year unless President Bush agrees to begin bringing troops home.”

By the end of the week, the House and Senate planned to vote on a $50 billion measure for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill would require Bush to initiate troop withdrawals immediately with the goal of ending combat by December 2008.

If Bush vetoes the bill, “then the president won’t get his $50 billion,” Reid, D-Nev., told reporters at a Capitol Hill news conference.

Give ’em hell, Harry. AP News reports:

If Democrats refuse to send Bush the $50 billion, the military would have to drain its annual budget to keep the wars afloat. Last week, Congress approved a $471 billion budget for the military that pays mostly for non-war related projects, such as depot maintenance and weapons development.

The tactic stops short of blocking money outright from being used on the war, an approach that has divided Democrats and fueled Republican criticism that Democrats are eager to abandon the troops. But forcing the Pentagon into a painful budget dance to pay for the wars spares Democrats from having to write a blank check on the unpopular war.

This war has got to come to an end. The troops have got to come home. We’ve got a Veteran’s “Suicide Epidemic” on our hands:

CBS News did an investigation – asking all 50 states for their suicide data, based on death records, for veterans and non-veterans, dating back to 1995. Forty-five states sent what turned out to be a mountain of information.

And what it revealed was stunning.

In 2005, for example, in just those 45 states, there were at least 6,256 suicides among those who served in the armed forces. That’s 120 each and every week, in just one year.

FYI: Suicide Warning Signs and Getting Help.

Bring Them Home.

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2 Responses to Harry Reid Calls on Bush to Withdraw Troops

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  2. Darrell Prows says:

    This could have been done just as effectively any time this year, and should have, but better late than never.

    Things get interesting when the Republicans filibuster the thing to death in the Senate. But with $471 bil to spend, I guess that the DOD ain’t exactly broke, though.