Ouch! Dodd Slaps Down Edwards

Oh my… Chris Dodd issued a virtual slap down on Tuesday to John Edwards that really packed a whallop in my opinion. Dodd issued the statement after it was reported in the N.Y. Times that John Edwards “would not commit to support Hillary Clinton, should she be the Democratic nominee for President.” Hmmm…. Chris Dodd said in his statement:

I am surprised at just how angry John has become. This is not the same John Edwards I once knew. Of course, we should all come together to support the nominee. I wonder which of the Republicans John prefers to Hillary?”

The N.Y. Times story is here. H/T to Alegre on DKos who said:

It’s time for John Edwards to step up to the plate and let us know he’s with us no matter who’s chosen.  If Edwards won’t clear this up between now and Thursday’s debate, then the moderators need to get him on record regarding this vitally important issue.

The gloves have obviously come off in the past week or so and the fight for the nomination is heating up. John Edwards might do well to take a chill pill and get over himself. We need unity in ’08, not this crap.

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5 Responses to Ouch! Dodd Slaps Down Edwards

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  3. Darrell Prows says:

    By my recollection, it used to be assumed that folks would be graceful after losing, but there was no real pressure to make commitments about it while the primary campaign was still being waged. I’m not sure what Edwards did was bright, but I still don’t see him as a closet wingnut.

  4. In my opinion, the greatest thing that Edwards could do to ensure a Democratic presidential victory would be to drop out of the race and throw his support to Senator Obama!! The money in John Edward’s coffers could go a long way to gurantee an Obama victory.
    Hillary will be a total disaster as a nomonee. I do not say this because she is a woman. I say it because she lacks the imagination and charisma of Barack!! If she becomes the nominee, all of the Clintons dirty laundry will again be revisted. Like George Bush she would prove a great divider not a great uniter. Does this country really want a two family (Bush/Clinton) political dynasty? If Hilary were to win (which she won’t) we will have had a Bush or a Clinton as a part of the executive branch for 36 years. If a dynasty is what we crave, perhaps we could ask Queen Elizabeth to come over and rule England’s former colonies. I truly think there needs to be a constitutional admendment stating that the spouse of a former President can not run. It’s just a quasi way of getting Bill back into the White House again. When campaigning back 1991, the Clinton’s braged that if Bill was elected, we would be getting two for the price of one. You don’t hear them using this political line now.
    Senator Edward’s has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination. He needs to put the good of the country above his personal ambitions and throw his support to Senator Obama.

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