Springsteen: “This One’s for John”

The Hill had a quip about Bruce Springsteen’s show in Washington, D.C. on Monday night that included a shout-out to John Kerry as the band queued up to play “Last to Die.” “Last to Die” from Springsteen’s latest, Magic, was inspired by John Kerry’s Senate Committee on Foreign Relations testimony on April 22, 1971.

Friends in High Places. Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (D) may not be running for higher office this time around, but he was still able to get a shout-out from the Boss on Monday night.

In the middle of Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band’s set at the Verizon Center, Springsteen prefaced the anti-war song “Last to Die” with a dedication: “This one’s for John,” according to an HOH tipster who wasn’t too busy rockin’ out to notice political endorsements.

Springsteen, an outspoken Bush critic, pays tribute in the song to Kerry’s famous quote from the Vietnam-era Congressional hearing, when he asked the panel, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

Springsteen’s props didn’t fall on deaf ears. Kerry, who’s been a Springsteen fan since the 1980s and keeps an autographed poster from Springsteen’s Concert for Vietnam Veterans in Los Angeles in 1981 in his Senate hideaway office, got some face time with the rocker before the concert started and was in the audience for Springsteen’s tribute.

“Bruce Springsteen is both a patriot and a poet, and his music and friendship energize and sustain me,” Kerry said. “He’s an inspiration.”

I recently reported here that Republican owned Clear Channel had sent an edict out to their stations to not play cuts from Springsteen’s Magic on their stations.


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    5 Responses to Springsteen: “This One’s for John”

    1. john stone says:

      I applaud Bruce Springsteen for dedicating a song to John Kerry. John Kerry has been subjected to a lot of unfounded criticism. I wish he was President today, the country and the world would be a much better place. If John Kerry was running for President, I would be strong supporter,just like I was last time! Thanks Bruce and keep going John Kerry!!!

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    3. Nick says:

      I was at that concert Monday night in Washington DC. Needless to say I was moved by Bruce’s shout out! It;s good to see that in a town where, in yhe words of Harry Truman, if you want a friend you should “get a dog”, that Kerry still has friends like BRuce who has his back all the way! Frankly, if I had to give a non-policy reason for enthusastically supporting JK in 2004 it would be his support from Springsteen! No way in the world would Bruce strongly support a candidate as strongly as he did Kerry and not be sure that the candidate was a fighter for peace, working people and the poor!

    4. beachmom says:

      Thanks Pamela for finding this story. I shared it with the gang:


    5. YvonneCa says:

      This story made me cry. What could have been…