Beat The What?

Straight talking John McCain sure stepped in it this time:

Monday, November 12. A small political gathering in South Carolina, captured by the local Fox affiliate: A female supporter asks John McCain,

“How do we beat the bitch?”

Massive chuckles all around, including from McCain, who looks a tad uncomfortable even as his shoulders shake with mirth. He jokingly offers, “May I give the translation?”

“I thought she was talking about my ex-wife!” pipes up a male supporter, convulsing the group again.

As the laughter subsides, McCain says, “But that’s an excellent question.”

He launches into some poll results that put him a few points ahead of Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton. Finally, finally, he says, “I respect Senator Clinton.”

See for yourself how long it takes him to come up with that anemic response:

McCain On, “How Do We Beat the Bitch?”

Debra Condren speaks for me:

All of us–men and women–can and should do better when it comes to refusing to look the other way.

Hey, we’ve all been there, at the party where someone we know or like suddenly makes a racist or anti-gay comment or a sexist or an anti-Semitic joke. Maybe we don’t say anything, maybe we guiltily join in the chuckles. We want to say something, but we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or embarrass someone. So we do nothing, we go along, under social duress, which only ratifies the harmful language, bias, or outright hatred.

No more, okay? It’s a weasel move. Let’s own it, and let’s stop it. And let’s stop vilifying powerful women as bitches, and step up and correct others when they say it.

Senator McCain, that’s my straight talk. Hope you’re listening.

McCain needs to step up and apologize to Hillary Clinton. Responding to this question was unacceptable and anyone who thinks the right wouldn’t be screaming foul over this knows better.

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3 Responses to Beat The What?

  1. DavidL says:

    First things first, Before John McCain apoligizes for a remark he did not make, Mrs. Clinton should apologize tto the scores of women she has called bimbos.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Anyone that has listened to wingnut radio, as I assume McCain has, has heard so much worse than this about Hillary that they have become desensitized. In a genre characterized by foul invective, and despicable “stars”, the filth surrounding the mention of her name far surpasses anything before exhibited.

  3. Senator McCain displayed a total lack of character and tact by his tepid response. He should have immediately taken the questioner to task for her use of the insulting word, “bitch”. He displayed a total lack of sensitivity. Was he afraid or chastising the woman for fear of losing her one vote? In my opinion his reluctance to respond quickly and decisely to such a gutter attack, lost him both respect and votes!! Buzz