You’ve Got to Be Joking

What the heck is NEWSWEEK thinking?

Less than three months after leaving the Bush White House, Karl Rove is becoming a member of a community not all that popular with administration officials: the media.

Newsweek has signed the president’s former deputy chief of staff as a commentator who will turn out several columns on the 2008 campaign through inauguration day. The move is not likely to prove popular among liberals who believe the mainstream media have been too soft on the Bush administration.

“We want to give readers a feel for what it’s like to be on the inside,” says Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham. “Our readers are sophisticated enough to know that what they get from Karl has to be judged in the context of who Karl is…Readers will have to decide if he’s simply an apologist.”

Newsweek (which is owned by The Washington Post Co.) will announce tomorrow that it is granting regular space to both Rove and Markos Moulitsas, the liberal firebrand who founded the Web site Daily Kos. “I’m fully prepared for both the right-wing and left-wing blogosphere to be outraged, which means we’re doing our job,” Meacham says.

Karl Rove is what Karl Rove… A Bush apologist and well just fill in the blanks with what ever else we all know he is!

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3 Responses to You’ve Got to Be Joking

  1. john stone says:

    Karl Rove writing for Newsweek, whats next?There isn’t enough space here to list his mis-deeds.
    We can remember him for stealing two Presidential Elections to give us the worst President in history,George W. Bush!

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    They have a real opportunity here to set up a “rhetorical death cage”. It would be great to see Kos and Rove going straight up head to head. Same subject, two points of view, openly trashing each other. Now that’s something that I would pay to read.

    Rove, though, is still the person who recoiled at being touched at a dinner function by an attarctive woman just because of her politics. No way he has the strength of character to expose himself to that type of a challenge. You’d think that a guy who would allow himself to be refered to a “turd Blossom” would have a thick skin, but I believe that he came back for more of that abuse out of weakness rather than strength.

  3. I am glad that I don’t receive Newsweek, or I would cancel my sucription immediately!! To think that they have offered this politically criminal a job. Instead of hiring him, they should be writing articles documenting his misdeads. He does not to be employed, he needs to be imprisoned. Perhaps Newsweek has positions available for O.J. Simpson and Barry Bonds too. Buzz