Ten Post Round-Up: Blue Monday

Is it Monday, already? Wow, the weekend went by so fast. Well, at least I got my morning cuppa and your ten post round-up is ready to go.

From The Huffington Post:

  • McCain Skipping Most Votes Among ’08 Senators: Only 3 In Last Month:

    In the past month alone, the five Senate presidential candidates each have earned the distinction of missing more votes than they’ve made. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) lapped the field, having voted just three times since Oct. 23 — twice on the narrowly approved nomination of Leslie Southwick to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and once against cloture on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program bill.

    (Dizzy sez: It’s so nice to know our senators have their priorities straight…)

  • Hillary Squares Off Against War Protester During Presidential Forum:

    Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was heckled by a member of the audience during a forum on global warming on Saturday.Clinton was interrupted by a Code Pink antiwar demonstrator shouting that she had voted for the war in Iraq.

    Taking it in stride, Clinton heckled the Code Pink antiwar demonstrator right back as he was escorted out.

From Anything Goes:

  • Housing, credit markets may hurt economy:

    The painful collapse of the housing market along with the credit crunch will weigh down economic growth in the final three months of this year and cause economic activity to lag in 2008.It all means that the risk of a recession has increased, economic forecasters say.

    The latest look-ahead from the National Association for Business Economics says the gross domestic product is on track to expand at just a 1.5 percent pace from October through December. If that proves correct, it would mark a sizable decline from the July-September rate of 3.9 percent.

  • Bush homeland security adviser resigns:

    Fran Townsend, the leading White House-based terrorism adviser who gave public updates on the extent of the threat to U.S. security, is stepping down after 4 1/2 years.President Bush said in a statement Monday morning that Townsend, 45, “has ably guided the Homeland Security Council. She has played an integral role in the formation of the key strategies and policies my administration has used to combat terror and protect Americans.”

    Her departure continues an exodus of key Bush aides and confidants, with his two-term presidency in the final 15 months. Top aide Karl Rove, along with press secretary Tony Snow and senior presidential adviser Dan Bartlett, left earlier this year.

    Bush in his statement early Monday noted that Townsend had served in the position for more than 4 1/2 years.

From Signs Of The Times:

  • Healthy 20 year old Tasered to death:

    Frederick, Maryland – A 20-year-old man died early Sunday after he was struck by a Taser, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.A deputy, whose name was not released by police, arrived at the 7000 block of Gresham Court East, near Crestwood Boulevard about 4:54 a.m., after a fight was reported.

    There, the deputy found four people fighting outside and deployed a Taser, striking the 20-year-old man, spokeswoman Cpl. Jennifer Bailey said.

    The sheriff’s office did not release the man’s name, but relatives and friends identified him as Jarrel Gray of nearby Ladd Circle.

    The man fell on the ground unconscious and was given first aid on the scene, then taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead, Bailey said. The Frederick Police Department is assisting the sheriff’s office with the investigation.

    (Dizzy sez: Those damned tasers are overdue for retirement, methinks…)

  • Israel to put off Gaza invasion until after failed peace summit:

    Senior defense officials believe that if the Annapolis peace conference fails, this would lead to a wide-scale military operation in Gaza.Army sources fear that Hamas could reach its full military capacity within a few months, and the consensus among the IDF top ranks is therefore that the sooner Israel attacks in Gaza, the better it would be in terms of minimizing Israeli casualties.

    According to intelligence sources, Hamas is just 2-3 years away from obtaining the same military capabilities it took Hizbullah a decade to obtain. Experts estimate that the Palestinian rocket range, which in recent years has grown from two kilometers to 12, could soon reach 20 kilometers and put Ashdod within rocket range.

From Think Progress:

  • Friedman: Keep Cheney on for another term.:

    In his New York Times column yesterday, Tom Friedman said that if Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is elected president, he should make Dick Cheney his vice president in order to more successfully “coerce” Iran:

    (Dizzy sez: Crap! I just spewed my morning cuppa all over my monitor!)

From Crooks and Liars:

  • Even the optimists are pessimistic:

    Stephen Biddle probably isn’t a household name, but he’s a pretty serious player on foreign policy. Biddle is not only a senior defense policy analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations, but he’s also served as an advisor to Gen. David Petraeus.And how does he see the future of Iraq playing out? Marc Lynch, by way of Kevin Drum, explains that Biddle’s vision for the future isn’t exactly encouraging:

    (Dizzy sez: Even the pro-war enthusiasts are running out of lipstick to put on this Iraq War “pig”.)

From Daylight Atheism:

  • Deo Vindice!:

    In the past few decades, we’ve seen religious warfare erupt all over the world. In Iraq, there’s emerged a swamp of sectarian strife and bloodshed, where armed gangs rule the streets and rival sects clash in a chronic low-level civil war. The power vacuum created by the U.S. occupation reawoke religious rivalries that had long been dormant, but the Iraq quagmire is just the most visible outbreak of a larger conflict simmering across the Muslim world, as Salafist Sunni fanatics wage war on heretical Shi’ites in the name of doctrinal purity and the Shi’ites answer with violence and death squads of their own. In Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Indonesia, and now spreading into Europe, Islamist zealots wage war on the innocent and seek to create a theocracy ruled by terror.

From The News:

  • Mitt Romney sucks, ± 3%:

    Research firm Western Wats got busted for conducting phone surveys in New Hampshire and Iowa that criticize Mitt Romney and his Mormon beliefs. One Iowa civics teacher says he was asked to take a poll featuring “lots of negatives on Romney,” including questions about his hiring of illegal immigrants and “common criticisms of Mormonism.” (Ironically, Western Wats is based in Utah.) The firm refused to divulge who commissioned the poll, citing client confidentiality.This type of survey, known as a “push poll,” is intended not to gauge a respondent’s attitudes, but rather to plant opinions in voters’ minds. Does it really work? Listen to a recent Western Wats call and judge for yourself.

All I can say, this Monday, is “thank the flying spaghetti monster, it’s sunny!”

Hope it’s sunny where you are. Even if it’s not, please take care of yourself and go out and make it a great day, anyway!

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