I’m Just Fed Up!

Perhaps it’s simply a bad day, but I’m fed up.
* I’m fed up with Senator Obama saying his experience between the ages of 6 and 10 years old is a prime reason he understands international relations better than his opponents. Jesus goddamn christ, Buddha-in-a-skirt, Moses-lost-on-a-hogfarm, (there did I miss offending anyone?),how simply stupid have our politics become when a real contender for the nomination to lead the most powerful nation on earth uses, as his foreign policy ‘experience’ credentials, living overseas when he was 6 1/2 years old?
* I’m fed up with a good man, John Edwards, having an attack of the ‘stupids’ and for two days refusing to commit to supporting the Democratic Party nominee!I mean that’s Ol’ Joe Lieberman territory. Come on, John! You can do better. Damn it! Your supporters deserve better.
*I’m fed up with Chris Dodd being attacked in the ‘progressive’ blogsphere for defending America. Defending the EXISTENCE of America for god almighty’s sake!
* I’m fed up with Joe Biden and Chris Dodd being ignored in this race by the Traditional Media.
* I’m fed up with Dennis the Menace wasting stage space. Nice new wife. Go home. Enjoy your wife and defend your seat, Dennis. You’ve so badly represented your district you had, at last count, an expected three Democratic primary challengers! Recognize you are the Harold Stassen of the 2000’s and exit stage extreme left.
* I’m fed up with……I’m fed up with so much more that I can’t even continue thinking about it.

What makes you want to scream, “I’m just so goddamned fed up!” ?

As the ‘Midnight Caller’ said so long ago:

“Good Night, America….wherever you are.”

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5 Responses to I’m Just Fed Up!

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m hoping it’s just a case of too many for too long, because I’m starting to think I know how you feel. On the Dems side there are none that I dislike, but also none that I’m ready to get real excited about.

    I actually expected to be thrilled by Hillary at this point, but that’s just not happening either. I was hoping for “wise old mother Hillary” and all I’m seeing is “I’ll knock you down if you look at me wrong Hillary”.

  2. Ginny in CO says:

    Been there since ‘the joke’. I’m not happy with any of them but Edwards is looking the best and seems to have under the MSM radar support (or would that be, undersupport from the MSM ‘cuz… ).

    I do have to bat for BHO. There is no doubt that exposure to other cultures, races, especially in childhood (6-10 would be very good, if not from birth) expands the mind’s ability to accept diversity as normal and positive. The earlier an individual starts thinking from this perspective, the less likely they are likely to stereotype, discriminate or be afraid of ‘other’ folks. Instead, they can build the ability to relate positively to anyone and everyone.

    In several ways, that experience may actually be a basis in reality that anyone who has not spent more than casual tourist time elsewhere may not have absorbed. The overiding sense that we do share the planet with 94% of the world’s population, and they are wonderful people too. We need to reach out and talk to them – better yet, LISTEN to them. Bombing them becomes more difficult.

    Certainly one thing that appalled me about W in 2000 was he had never been out of the country. That was more than an omen.

    Offended? As long as you don’t try make my Atheist brain believe mythology is true, you can vent all you want about the rest of it. I could join, sometimes I do. In fact, if there is something I AM FED UP about, it is the ongoing insult to anyone who is not a Trinitarian being heathen infidels who will burn forever in hell having messed up the world of perfect, happy Christians.

    🙄 😈 🙄

  3. Darrell

    “I was hoping for “wise old mother Hillary” and all I’m seeing is “I’ll knock you down if you look at me wrong Hillary”.”

    LOL! As a woman I like that she’s willing to stand up to this crap she’s being dished. I honestly haven’t been paying much attention lately… sorry gang – my main business computer blew a gasket on Friday and I’m out of sorts with out it, working on my old backup system in the midst of busy season.

    Bottomline, I’m with Stuart. FED UP!

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  5. green bean says:

    Picking a republican candidate is like asking you how you want your steak, rare, medium or well-done. Picking a democrat candidate is like asking you what sauce you want to be on your sundae. People may not want steak everyday of the year but they may not mind having sundae for a change. Cooked steaks can only be kept for so long and sundae lasts much longer in the fridge, especially ice cream.