Ten Post Round-Up: Moody Blue Tuesday

Yeah…just a little moody, today. One week from now, my loved one, thanks to GWB, will be in Kuwait, on his way to his third tour in Iraq. The only thing helping me keep it together is my regular morning cuppa and keeping tabs on my RSS reader.

I’m not posting my round-up, so much because I want to as much as I am posting because I have to. It gives me something else to focus on, besides how moody I am, this Tuesday.

Shall we?

From Signs Of The Times:

  • Two US security guards arrested by Iraqi forces after woman is shot:

    Iraqi soldiers detained two US security guards along with other foreigners in a private convoy after the guards opened fire in Baghdad, wounding one woman.US military and embassy officials had no immediate information about the report by the Iraqi military, which follows a series of recent shootings in which foreign security guards have allegedly killed Iraqis.

    Brig-General Qassim al-Moussawi said the convoy was driving on the wrong side of the road in the central Baghdad neighborhood of Karradah when the shooting occurred. Those arrested included two US guards, along with 21 people from Sri Lanka, nine from Nepal and 10 Iraqis, the Baghdad military spokesman said.

  • Israel’s Syrian Air Strike Was Aimed at Iran:

    Until late October, the accepted explanation about the Sept. 6 Israeli air strike in Syria, constructed in a series of press leaks from U.S. officials, was that it was prompted by dramatic satellite intelligence that Syria was building a nuclear facility with help from North Korea.But new satellite evidence has discredited that narrative, suggesting a more plausible explanation for the strike: that it was a calculated effort by Israel and the United States to convince Iran that its nuclear facilities could be attacked as well.

    The narrative promoted by neoconservatives in the George W. Bush administration began to unravel in late October with the release by a private company of a series of satellite images showing that the same square, multistory building that was hit by Israeli planes Sept. 6 had been present on the site four years earlier. Although the building appears to be somewhat farther along in the August 2007 image, it showed that the only major new developments at the site since September 2003 were what appears to be a pumping station on the Euphrates and a smaller secondary structure.

From Crooks and Liars:

From WIMN’s Voices:

  • Unilever Ditches Self Esteem as a Marketing Concept in Favor of Good Ol’ Misogyny:

    Remember Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty which got so many kudos for talking about self-esteem and positive body image at any age? Turns out that Unilever, the company that makes Dove, actually has no qualms about objectifying women to make a sale. Many thanks to Ben Atherton-Zeman for pointing us to Unilever’s Sunsilk Color Showdown where you can fill out a really enlightening survey that asks: * Who is better in bed–blondes or brunettes?
    * Should the first female president be blonde or brunette?
    * How do you rate your general awesomeness–answers range from a work in progress to so awesome that the Grand Canyon is jealous.
    * Other questions include can you change a tire, how fabulous is your wardrobe, and what kind of mother will you be.

    (Dizzy sez: Yeah…real friggin’ mature…)

From Anything Goes:

  • Heart disease kills more women under 45:

    For decades, heart disease death rates have been falling. But a new study shows a troubling turn — more women under 45 are dying of heart disease due to clogged arteries, and the death rate for men that age has leveled off.Heart experts aren’t sure what went wrong, but they think increasing rates of obesity and other risk factors are to blame.

From Reason Magazine:

  • Richard Paey–Speaks An interview with the paraplegic man sentenced to 25 years in prison for treating his own pain.:

    In October of this year, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist signed a pardon for Richard Paey, a paraplegic with multiple sclerosis who had served nearly four years of a 25-year prison sentence for drug trafficking. Paey, who requires high-dose opioid therapy to treat pain brought on by his MS, a car accident, and a botched back surgery, was convicted of trafficking despite concessions from prosecutors that there was no evidence the painkillers in his possession were for anything other than his own use. When police came to arrest the wheel-chair bound Paey, they came with a full-on SWAT team, battering down the door and rushing into the home of the wheelchair-bound Paey, his optometrist wife, and their two schoolage children.Prosecutors offered Paey a plea bargain, but he refused, insisting that he’d done nothing wrong, and that he shouldn’t have to plead guilty to a felony for treating his own pain. Paey was tried, convicted, and given a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence. While in prison, the state of Florida paid for a morphine pump that administered painkillers to Paey at rates higher than what the state convicted him of for possessing in the first place.

    (Dizzy sez: Our insane war on drugs, taking down one paraplegic, at a time.)

From Colorado Confidential:

  • Caring for Elderly Creates Financial Hardships, Study Says:

    Adults who take care of older loved ones on average spend about 10 percent of their income doing so, according to a new study from the nonprofit National Alliance for Caregiving and Evercare, a long-term care coordination organization. The study, called “What They Spend, What They Sacrifice,” found people caring for someone older than 50 have average out-of-pocket costs of $5,531 per year. More than a third quit their jobs or cut down on work, which increases their financial burden. Caregivers spend the most money on household goods, food, transportation, medical fees and clothing. Many caregivers have to change their personal lifestyle by cutting down on leisure activities, vacations and major purchases. A third of caregivers have to dig into personal savings to help cover the costs and a quarter delay their own health care.Long-term care is becoming an increasingly important issue in Colorado because the elderly population is expected to double by 2020.

From BuzzFeed:

  • Earl Paulk:

    Culture Buzz The Archbishop of an Atlanta megachurch is at the center of another sex scandal. A paternity test revealed that Paulk’s nephew is actually his son, meaning he slept with his brother’s wife. Creepy, right? Paulk’s been accused of worse.

    (Dizzy sez: I probably shouldn’t comment cuz these bozos make it too easy…)

From Daylight Atheism:

  • Probing the Prosperity Gospel:

    I’m surprised that a Republican would launch such an investigation, but separation of church and state needs all the friends it can get. And Sen. Grassley has certainly picked some large, juicy targets. As tax-exempt organizations, these ministries must use the contributions they take in to further a tax-exempt purpose. Diversions of those contributions for personal use of their leaders would violate the law, and it seems probable that this has happened here. I’d add Richard Roberts as another preacher whose secretive activities are just crying out for investigation.Of course, it’s no news flash for freethinkers that powerful religious leaders almost always live in tremendous opulence and luxury. That goes double for “prosperity gospel” preachers, who teach that God will reward those who give as much cash as they possibly can to his self-appointed representatives on Earth. These televangelists are obsessed with money and shamelessly exploit the faith and gullibility of their flocks to enrich themselves. Sen. Grassley’s letters give a rare glimpse into the immense wealth and comfort these humbug artists enjoy, all the while telling their poor, struggling followers that they must give more than they can afford if they want to receive their heavenly reward.

    Predictably, the friends of darkness are already crying religious persecution:

    (Dizzy sez: I don’t recall reading in the scriptures where there was an actual cash fee for admission into Heaven…something about money changers comes to mind…oh, and something about how Jesus discouraged gathering riches on earth…)

From The News:

  • John McCain to court the “hater mom” vote:

    Apparently presidential hopeful John McCain and his handlers have decided that engaging in policy debates bores the Republican electorate. Frothing anger, McCain claims, is the key to securing the “hater mom” vote. He said recently:
    I’ve made a lot of people angry. But I didn’t go to Washington to win the Mr. Congeniality award.

It may be a moody Tuesday, but I am totally focusing a lot of my energy on Thanksgiving. The Cool Whip, in the fridge, is totally begging to be opened and used promiscuously, in a completely gastronomical way involving pumpkin pie, of course.

It’s totally unseasonably warm, today. Since I have plans, one of those plans involves totally enjoying the weather (they are calling for major snowstorm this holiday weekend).

No matter where you are, I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Do your level best to go out and make it a great day.

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