Ten Post Round-Up: Any Given Wednesday

Sonofawitch! Woke up to snow on the ground, this morning. Cold Wednesday’s suck the proverbial bandwidth. As an old dear friend of mine used to say, “it’s colder than a witches…ummm…broomstick…out there!” I’m so cranky this Wednesday, I’m ripe for a dose of Samuel L. Jackson and I ain’t talkin’ about &%$# snakes on no &%$# plane, neither!

You say you want a ten post round-up? I got your &%$# round-up, right here!

From AMERICAblog:

  • Latest national poll shows Democratic race tightening. Bad time for Hillary to be losing momentum.:

    As I’ve mentioned here before, I really think Hillary may have a problem getting the Democratic nomination. First, a caveat: At this point, national polls don’t really matter. They key polls are those in the early states including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. That being said, however, there is a trend developing in the national polls for the Democratic nomination shown in the latest Reuters/Zogby poll. Hillary Clinton isn’t looking so dominating and invincible:

  • In Iowa, Huckabee is on the move:

    The hard-core conservatives in Iowa are coalescing around a hard-core conservative Presidential candidate. And, it’s not Romney, Thompson, McCain or Giuliani. It’s Huckabee. He’s got the big momentum heading towards January 3rd:

From The Huffington Post:

  • All The President’s Liars: Where the Hell are The Washington Post and NY Times on McClellangate?!:

    Do the investigative reporters at the Washington Post and New York Times fall under the Writers Guild Contract? Are Bernstein and Woodward too busy in makeup? Can the WGA and Producers get together and give satirical news an exemption?While the Writers Strike keeps The Daily Show from cleverly pointing out the obvious, The Washington Post and New York Times ignore the obvious altogether.

    We’ve been lied to by this White House.

    Who says? Scott McClellan, the guy who was paid to lie for the guys who lied in the first place.

    (Dizzy sez: Another case of “Move along, &%$#! Nothing to see here…”)

  • Black Friday: What Would Jesus Buy?:

    Yes, this Friday malls across America will open at 5 AM to crowds of deal-hungry, coupon-carrying, insatiable holiday shoppers. For the first time since I can remember, I will not be joining the consumer feeding frenzy. Instead, I will be participating in Buy Nothing Day, a 24-hour shopping fast in celebration of the fact that we (the all-inclusive consumer) don’t need more sh*t.Buy Nothing Day is an informal day of protest against consumerism organized by Adbusters, a not-for-profit global anti-consumerist organization. The international shopping moratorium has started to gain mainstream recognition as people, my shopaholic self included, realize unrestrained consumption is a major contributor to environmental catastrophe.

    (Dizzy sez: I plan to sleep in and avoid the &%$# rush, this Friday. Heck, I plan to avoid all of the &%$# holiday madness!)

From Think Progress:

  • Bush: Musharraf has not ‘crossed the line.’:

    Last night in an interview with ABC News, President Bush “offered his strongest support of embattled Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf,” nearly three weeks after Musharraf declared emergency rule. Bush said that Musharraf hasn’t yet “crossed the line” and insisted Musharraf has “advanced democracy in Pakistan.” Watch it:

    (Dizzy sez: That’s &%$# hilarious…isn’t it?)

From Crooks and Liars:

  • Before Bush pats himself on the back…:

    Indeed, presidential aides were so proud of themselves yesterday, they insisted that Bush drove the breakthrough experiments by claiming some ambiguous moral standard. “This is very much in accord with the president’s vision from the get-go,” said Karl Zinsmeister, a Bush domestic policy adviser. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that the president’s drawing of lines on cloning and embryo use was a positive factor in making this come to fruition.”Look, we should all be really pleased by yesterday’s news, and the scientific advancements offer hope for life-saving medical research. But for the White House to suggest that Bush deserves some kind of credit for the progress is nonsense. In fact, the opposite is true.

    (Dizzy sez: Now the &%$# White House is grasping at &%$# straws to make themselves “look” good! Color me &%$# surprised…)

From International Herald Tribune:

  • Gates again invokes possible military action against Iran:

    WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Missouri: A military attack against Iran remains an option should the Middle East nation continue to pursue its nuclear ambitions, Defense Secretary Robert Gates suggested Tuesday.“This is not about changing the regime in Iran,” Gates told a group of community leaders at a Whiteman Air Force Base lunch. “It’s about getting the regime in Iran to change its behavior, and its policies.”

    Talk of a possible U.S. attack on Iran has surfaced frequently this year, prompted in some cases by hard-line statements by White House officials. President George W. Bush has said that Iran’s continued pursuit of nuclear arms could lead to World War III.

    (Dizzy sez: About now I’m wishing this was just a very bad &%$# movie…)

From The New York Times:

  • Whites Take a Majority on New Orleans’s Council:

    In one of the clearest signs yet of Hurricane Katrina’s lasting demographic impact, the City Council is about to have a white majority for the first time in over two decades, pointing up again the storm’s displacement of thousands of residents, mostly black.

    (Dizzy sez: Seriously, it’s hard not to believe in conspiracies when you read things like this. But, does this mean that they’ll finally clean up the &%$# mess still left over from Hurricane Katrina?)

From Reason-Hit & Run:

  • I Wanna Defy the Logic of All Texxt Laws*:

    The problem: People talk on cell phones while they’re driving. The solution: Ban them from doing it. New problem: People unable to talk on cell phones while driving turn to text messaging. The solution: C’mon, guess.

    (Dizzy sez: Pretty soon, they’ll pull you over for &%$# breathing because it’s distracting you…maybe they’ll tase you for &%$# kicks, too!)

From Daylight Atheism:

  • On Gratitude:

    This Thursday, November 22, is – at least for my American readers – the holiday of Thanksgiving. Despite the religious connotations that have been attached to this day since the beginning, I think this is a good holiday for atheists. It’s one of the few whose message can be rendered in entirely secular terms. Thanksgiving as traditionally practiced is a time to come together with family and friends, to enjoy the simple pleasures of life’s abundance, and to give thanks for all the good that has come to us. All of these are things that an atheist should be able to do just as well as anyone else.Sadly, atheists still face misunderstanding from a hostile religious public. Around this time last year, a Christian visitor left the following comment in the thread “An Atheist Dinner Benediction”:

    What’s the point in thanking people that you don’t know? Will your niceness somehow come back to you by some psychic force of the cosmos?

    An atheist’s answer to the latter question is no, of course. We do not give thanks because, by some cosmic law of karma, our gratitude finds its way back to the giver and magically influences their life. Nor do we do it to earn merit points in some unseen deity’s gradebook. Instead, we give thanks for the most basic and humanist of reasons: because it teaches us to be mindful of the contributions others have made to ease our lives, and encourages us to show others that same consideration in turn. A person who’s aware of how greatly their well-being depends on the good will of others, and whose actions reflect that understanding, is apt to be kinder, more generous and more moral than a person who selfishly and wrongly imagines that they owe nothing to anyone.

    (Dizzy sez: I’ll thank the &%$# Flying Spaghetti Monster if I don’t burn the &%$# dinner, tomorrow!)

My humble apologies for all the unnecessary censorship, but sometimes you just gotta let the &%$# fur fly. I won’t tell you what the &%$# symbols stand for, you’ll have to use your own imagination for that &%$#.

Right now, it’s time for me to throw a couple of the &%$# cornish game hens in the rotisserie and maybe bake the pumpkin pie so I don’t have to &%$# sweat anything but the small stuff.

I realize we got a long &%$# holiday weekend coming up, but don’t forget to take care of yourself and even if the tryptophan grabs a hold of you, make sure to make it a great &%$# day, anyway!

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  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I like the Huckabee thing. The only thing that could increase Dem odds next year is to run against an ordained Southern Baptist Minister. Get him up there with his southern accent, and his Bible quotes and I bet we could do some damage.

    By the way, I take “we don’t want to change the regime, just the behavior” to mean that a bombing raid is being planned instead of a full invasion. Somehow I doubt that a small disaster is really going to be much of an improvement over a humongious one.

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