Ten Post Round-Up: Black Friday

Retailers across the country are cheering “Thank God It’s Friday (Black Friday, No Less)!”

I’m all for participating in “Buy Nothing Day”. I hate crowds (one of the reasons I hate movie theaters), so standing in line for “bargains” is not on my “to do” list. One year, we tried to participate in on-line Black Friday sales and almost all the websites either crashed or were out of the products we really wanted to get our hands on. Nowadays, we don’t even bother window-surfing for things on the day after Thanksgiving. Truthfully, we don’t really celebrate a traditional Christmas (kind of hard to do when Daddy is gone every other year, but, I digress), but we do like to get our hands on bargains that pop up, this time of year.

I’ve got other things to concern myself with for the next few days and shopping for bargains, be it today or tomorrow, is at the bottom of my list of things “to do”. I do want to get this Ten Post Round-up out of the way so I can go make myself another cuppa.

From Brilliant at Breakfast:

  • We have learned nothing.:

    Enron. Tyco. The dot-com crash. No matter how many times we go through this, the business community never learns, and the public is bamboozled every time. Adam Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations of the “invisible hand” — that an individual pursuing his own self-interest tends to also promote the good of his community as a whole. He believed the ridiculous notion that each individual maximizing revenue for himself maximizes the total revenue of society as a whole. It’s not even saying “What’s good for General Motors is what’s good for the country.” It’s saying “I have a shitload of money. So what are you complaining about?”, or in the vernacular, “I got mine and fuck you.”

    George W. Bush used to brag about the high percentage of people who were now homeowners. Now many of those “homeowners” are finding themselves losing those homes through foreclosure; with a stain on their credit records that will damage their ability to gain a toehold in the economy for years to come.

    The business community couldn’t have handled it better if they had set out to cut these people off at the knees and kicked them out of the middle class.

    (Dizzy sez: The American “Dream” is turning into the the American “nightmare” for far too many of us…)

From The Huffington Post:

  • Democrats’ Iraq War Bill: ‘More Holes Than Swiss Cheese’:

    For those who want troops out, “you’ve got more holes in here than Swiss cheese,” said Tom Andrews, national director of the war protest group Win Without War and a former congressman from Maine.The Democratic proposal would order troops to begin leaving Iraq within 30 days, a requirement Bush is already on track to meet as he begins reversing this year’s 30,000 troop buildup. The proposal also sets a goal of ending combat by Dec. 15, 2008.

    (Dizzy sez: Of course, I call b@llsh@t on the whole “troops…leaving Iraq…”, since, as many troops are coming home, many troops are also leaving to go back. Every time there is a combination troop exodus/influx in Iraq, the media tries to spin it so that all the public sees is the troops coming home. They seem to ignore the troops leaving from the same airports those returning troops are coming home through. It’s an insult to those of us who know the truth, especially if we are actually experiencing the truth in our own homes. Make note, they may be drawing down some of the troops that got deployed for “the surge”, but they are NOT bringing our troops home, they are merely replacing the “regular units” so that the redeployed troops can retrain to go back to Iraq, next winter. The “positive” news about troops coming home is a smoke-screen to distract you from the fact that more troops are still being deployed).

  • FEMA Alert: Black Friday:

    The day after Thanksgiving is the holiday season’s so-called “Black Friday,” the day when shoppers across the country steel themselves for a flood of irritating news items about the holiday season’s so-called “Black Friday.” Though the day is traditionally thought of as the busiest shopping day of the year, retailers are now bracing themselves for weak sales volume as concerns about a sputtering economy threaten to keep shoppers at home.This year, will Black Friday be nothing more than a retail urban legend? Or should shoppers expect seriously hazardous conditions at their local malls? At least one government agency thinks the latter.

    (Dizzy sez: Methinks that Homeland Security and FEMA are trying to help retailers “find” justification for those low retail sales. “It’s cuz folks was scared, that’s why they didn’t shop this year”. That way they can ignore the fact that the economy is in the crapper and THAT is the real reason sales will be down this year…)

From BuzzFeed:

  • Buy Nothing Day:

    Culture Buzz Make November 24th, otherwise known as Black Friday, a one-day shopping fast. But don’t worry, you can go back to your old spendy self tomorrow. We hear Bergdorf’s is having a shoe sale.

    (Dizzy sez: Best to avoid all the crazy people on a day like today, anyhoo…)

From Jesus’ General:

  • Covering Black Friday:

    It’s here again. That day we celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Savior by shanking the rotten bastard who bought the last singing bass at Wal-Mart. I’m going to celebrate the holiday a couple of ways with a little music this year.

    (Dizzy sez: Good music is more soothing than any shoe discount, I’ll tell ya that…today, at least!)

From The Future Was Yesterday:

  • Black Friday:

    Click! Excuse me a moment while I pull the shades. There! That gets all that thankful stuff out of the way. Now we can concentrate on the important stuff. The Need For Greed. Today is “Black Friday.” Yesterday, we saw reporters standing in front of faked, browned turkeys, talking bullshit about being thankful in ten second sound bites. From now until Christmas, we will hear nothing but hard analysis about how much money business was able to suck out of us, interspersed of course, by horses pulling beer wagons, and that ever present damn electric razor zig zagging down hill. Get drunk, shave, and shop, I guess.
    Last year, we were so damn thankful, “we” killed three people on this day, the day of The Need For Greed. Never mind stores will be open seven days a week to process your credit card to pay for a bunch of Chinese shit, that makes no matter. We have GOT to go shopping today. It’s Tradition. Here’s a video from last year. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

  • (Dizzy sez: It’s amazing to me that so many Americans are willing to push and shove each other, the day after Thanksgiving, to give presents in observance of the birth of the “Prince of Peace”.)

From Shakesville:

  • Happy Mythologized Harvest Feast!:

    I guess somebody had to mention this. Let it be me.Let’s just put the day into perspective, shall we?

    When I was a kid, every Thanksgiving, we did some kind of project in school which involved black and white construction paper and staplers to make “Pilgrim hats”, and brown construction paper with multi-colored construction paper (and staplers) to make “Indian headbands”. We were then indoctrinated with a feel-good story about how the “Pilgrims” and the “Indians” came together in a wonderful environment of sharing and good-will and ate turkey and punkin’ pie.

    Of course, this was almost completely 100% crap. Pilgrims didn’t dress that way, and neither did the members of the Wampanoag tribe (that probably did share a feast with the white “settlers” in 1621 — if you can trust white historians. Jus’ sayin’).

    During my grade school years, there was absolutely no education in my public school about the genocide of original North American tribal peoples, or forced relocation, or forced schooling and fostering of tribal children to white institutions and families. None. Zip. Nada.

    (Dizzy sez: For the last few years, I have completely skipped discussing Thanksgiving day “mythology” with my littlest kids…Heck, in our house, Thanksgiving is either a celebration of being thankful that Daddy has returned home or being thankful he is home for a few more days.)

From AMERICAblog:

  • Afghanistan continues to fall:

    Even Kabul is close to being threatened. Chalk up another botched mission by Team Bush and his boot-licking Tony Blair. If the US wants to be a leader, it’s going to have to actually lead and not run away as we’ve seen in Afghanistan. Moving troops out of Afghanistan and into Iraq is coming back to haunt us. It’s only a matter of time before the Bush crowd starts complaining again about NATO needing to send more troops when in fact, it was the US who abandoned this war. Mission Accomplished?

From Thorne’s World:

  • If You Are Grateful: Share a Square:

    5098 Squares down
    1622 Squares TO GO!
    30 afghans are finished and at my house.
    35 are being worked on
    12 more people want an afghans
    77 afghans so far!!

    That’s just over half, peoples.
    If you are grateful, today… why not share it; spread it around a lil.
    Go by This Eclectic Life. Leave her a comment. Link to her. Favorite her on technorati, bookmark her in google reader or delicious or whatever social bookmarking site you use. Crochet or knit a dozen squares or offer to edge some or put an afghan together. Send her (paypal or snail mail) a few bucks for postage, or a few skeins of black Red Heart or Carron Simply Soft yarn.

    (Dizzy sez: A very worthy cause, you should check out…)

Sometimes, watching the world around us, it’s so easy to think about ourselves and neglect to consider that there are people, in our own community who have needs greater than our own. I challenge everyone within sight of this post, including myself, to do something positive to help make somebody else’s life a little better. It doesn’t have to involve money or too much of your time, but something that expresses your humanity, something that will make you feel as good as the other person/people you help. One simple (maybe random) act of kindness for a friend or a stranger can go a long way to us finding inner peace, even if our outer peace is being controlled by madmen.

Go out and make it a great day…if not for yourself, for someone else.

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