McCain Escalates Partisanship

If John McCain didn’t exist, BUSHCO would have to invent him. They need someone of stature that is not of them, and who couldn’t do more for their cause if he were. “Straight talk” as a reputation bolsters credibility of others who engage in anything but, and his propensity to self destruct at opportune times makes him perfect for a role supporting those whose intentions are malevolent in ways that McCain doesn’t have the ability to even imagine.

At least that’s my opinion. I see BUSHCO as a loose amalgam of players that have the shared objective of employing U.S. Government power in ways that primarily enhance the market value of crude oil. Other things also matter to the core group, but are clearly secondary. Who is at the top at any point in time is murky, and the entity is fleshed out with a varying group of employees, consultants, and business partners. The modern concept of “virtual enterprise” probably most accurately describes the organizational structure and philosophy of BUSHCO. Different projects require different sets of participants, but those most centrally associated with the group all share a similar mind set.

Anyway, the cause of these musings was watching McCain on the This Week show this morning. Stephanopoulos, in discussing matters surrounding Iraq basically mentioned that some on the left find the involvement of Halliburton in events over there to be more than a coincidence. Rather than merely saying that he has a different opinion on the matter, McCain used the occasion to take the opportunity to say that those of us who see a different big picture than he does denigrate the actions of the military personnel who serve and have served in Iraq. In other words, people who do not sign up for the whole party line are unpatriotic.

Apparently, McCain believes that to disagree with the policy and or motives of the Commander In Chief is to automatically be antagonistic towards those whose military service results in carrying out the policies, or furthering those motives. That we have a leader who has shown on numerous occasions that he is doing more than simply making a good faith effort to secure our true national interests clearly escapes McCain, and so be it. But there is no excuse for saying that reading the situation over there differently than he does is tantamount to working against both this country and our military personnel serving in Iraq.

Apparently there is no room to believe that our government has been hijacked to the detriment of the military, the nation, and rest of humanity. I suppose that one is still allowed to sing the official song of “mistakes were made”, but anyone who believes that things are worse than that now forfeits the right to participate in the national discussion. Remember, there are no interest groups who wanted an invasion of Iraq for selfish reasons, big money has no real power in this country, and that, while Iraq may well be a place that we never should have gone, how and why we went there is a discussion that only enemies of America would ever seek to have.

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One Response to McCain Escalates Partisanship

  1. ironxl84 says:


    You nailed it. McCain’s “straight talk” is simply another expression of myopia.

    And anyone who dares question his logic (or lack thereof) is immediately relegated to a lesser-than-thou status.

    The odd thing is how Republicans take such pride in an intransigent stance, rallying around fools who really don’t have a clue – while attacking anyone outside their little circle of wagons.