Ten Post Round-Up: Sunny Sunday Morning

Make your own clipart like this @ www.TXT2PIC.comDear reader, I promised you that starting today and for the next week, I would post nothing but good news in my Ten Post Round-Up and I will do my best not to disappoint you this Sunday morning.

First, we’ll start with a little music, this Sunday morning (a little Maroon 5, to appeal to your senses).

Now, prepare to adjust your attitude to a more positive setting.

We are now ready for today’s Ten (Positive) Post Round-Up.

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

  • Grateful farmers to give trees to military families:

    Gordon Hunter, owner of a Christmas tree farm in north Fulton County, is donating trees to families on Georgia military bases as an act of patriotic appreciation.“These are families that are giving up a lot,” said Hunter, who flew Navy fighters during the Vietnam War. “This is a way for people to open up and say thank you.”

    George and Brooke Hunter, owners of Hunter Christmas Tree Farm in Milton, are helping in the Trees for Troops effort.

    Hunter and other tree farmers in Georgia sent about 275 trees to military families last year through the Trees for Troops program.

From The Colorado Springs Gazette:

  • Air your grievances in spirit of festivus:

    A Manitou Springs art gallery is celebrating an alternative winter holiday that’s designed for the rest of us.Partners of the Green Horse Gallery at 729 Manitou Ave. on Saturday brought out their pole of grievances and unleashed their complaints in honor of Festivus, a fictional holiday depicted in the sitcom “Seinfeld.”

    In the show, Jerry Seinfeld and friends visit Frank and Estelle Costanza, who celebrate the holiday in lieu of Christmas. Frank Costanza invented the concept after he fought another man for a doll at a department store on Christmas Eve — it’s a Festivus miracle!

    (Dizzy sez: Merry Festivus, ya’ll! I could start on my grievances, but there is not enough bandwidth in the world for all that…)

From The Chicago Sun-Times:

  • Tiny Texas town fetches $3.8 mil.:

    SAN ANTONIO — Someone in Italy placed the winning bid of $3.8 million on Friday for a one-house Texas town auctioned online.No one lives permanently in the 13-acre town of Albert, about 60 miles north of San Antonio, but its tavern is open on weekends. The town also has a pavilion, a dance hall, a tractor shed, a three-bedroom house, and peach and pecan orchards.

  • Stem cell discovery called milestone:

    Scientists say they have reprogrammed human skin cells so they behave like embryonic stem cells. If the work overcomes hurdles, the breakthrough could benefit science without the controversy that has dogged stem cell research. The work appeared in two prestigious journals, Cell and Science.

From CNN.com:

  • Firefighters make progress against blaze near Malibu:

    MALIBU, California (CNN) — A “dangerous and dynamic” wildfire in Southern California that left six firefighters hurt and destroyed dozens of homes grew to 4,650 acres Saturday night, officials said.But firefighters have been able to contain 25 percent of the blaze, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

    They got a slight break when dry Santa Ana winds clocked at 57 mph (92 kph) earlier in the day decreased to about 20 mph, CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras said.

    (Dizzy sez: Here’s hoping they get the blaze completely under control very soon.)

From The Kansas City Star:

  • Fund helps Humane Society treat injured animals:

    Dogs and cats of every breed and disposition pass through the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City every year.But a fluffy shepherd mix puppy will forever be remembered for how his story continues to help other homeless pets in need.

    When workers from the Humane Society in Kansas City, Kan., first laid eyes on Gabriel two years ago, his physical condition was pitiful. The puppy had been illegally abandoned and had three broken legs. He couldn’t get up to greet volunteers and employees, but they instantly knew the puppy’s spirit was strong.

    (Dizzy sez: Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our four-legged friends need us, too.)

From The Los Angeles Times:

  • New Polish premier pledges Iraq pullout:

    WARSAW — Signaling a rapid about-face after last month’s parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Donald Tusk pledged Friday to end Poland’s military deployment in Iraq in 2008 and said his nation would engage in more “dialogue” with its neighbors before accepting a U.S. missile defense system on Polish soil.The three-hour speech before Parliament marked a significant departure from the politics of the last two years, when President Lech Kaczynski and his twin, former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, set Poland on a nationalist course. The government largely supported U.S. military objectives but antagonized neighboring nations in the European Union and was at times openly hostile to Russia.

    (Dizzy sez: Looks to me like GWB has a few things to rant to the Festivus pole about, this year!)

From Mail.com:

  • Rescued Dog Saves Owner From Idaho Fire:

    Sometimes rescuers need to be rescued, too.Candace Jennings was sleeping on the couch when she was nudged awake by her dog, Anna, to find her mobile home engulfed in flames early Thanksgiving Day. The blond heeler, an abused stray dog Jennings had adopted from an animal shelter, whined and howled until they ran outside.

    “I had an awful headache. The place was filled with smoke,” she told the Idaho Statesman for a story published Saturday.

    But Jennings said she ran back into her burning home to save some items.

    (Dizzy sez: No animals were harmed in the production of this great story.)

From Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

  • Forgotten Children’s Fund lends St. Nick a hand:

    Have you ever looked out across the rooftops and wondered, “How does Santa do it all in one night?”In Seattle, Santa Claus has a little help from his friends at the Forgotten Children’s Fund.

    By the end of Christmas Day, 700 families and several thousand children will hold photos of themselves with Santa that prove he visited their homes.

    For more than 30 years the charity has delivered Christmas to families who cannot afford to celebrate the holiday.

From The Seattle Times:

  • Missing mother, daughter found in Spokane:

    A 16-month search for an American girl taken from her father in Germany ended Friday in Spokane.A security guard walking the grounds at Sacred Heart Medical Center recognized Megan Mulczynski, now 13, from missing-person fliers, according to a Spokane Police Department press release.

    The girl’s mother told police that a Catholic priest from Germany was helping the two of them relocate in Spokane under false names. The mother, 50-year-old Gail Elk Canno Mulczynski, was booked into Spokane County Jail on charges of custodial interference.

    Gail Mulczynski, who was declared mentally ill by a psychiatrist appointed by a German court, refused a request for a jailhouse interview Friday.

    The girl’s father, Tom Mulczynski, plans to fly to Spokane today, and expects to be in court on Monday.

    “I have all the legal documents in place to give me custody,” Mulczynski said in an interview from his Virginia home, shortly after learning late Friday that his daughter had been found. “I have butterflies in my stomach.”

I searched the interweb tubes left and right to find some good news to post. I’m glad that I was able to deliver.

Expect more of the same over the next week.

Hey, while you’re thinking about it…go out and make it a great day!

(Originally posted at: Dizzy Dayz)

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