Ten Post Round-Up: Lazy Monday

Oh, snap! It’s Monday!

Don’t you just hate the Monday after a major holiday? Makes me glad that I’m a stay-at-home mom, Sunday thru Wednesday and that I home-school my children so that I don’t have to wrestle with them on Monday mornings. I can enjoy my morning cuppa in peace and snicker at the rest of the crazy world going by.

I know some of you are feeling lazy, what with that tryptophan still kicking your butt, three days on. So, why not indulge in a bit of nuttiness, this lazy Monday (drop by and enjoy a little parody, it will help your sanity).

Awww…don’t you feel better, now? Feel how that attitude was adjusted into the upright position.

Now we can proceed with today’s Ten (Positive) Post Round-Up.

From Anything Goes & General News:

  • Malibu residents begin returning home:

    Residents began making their way through back streets and dirt roads Sunday afternoon into evacuated areas of this upscale community to see whether their homes survived a wind-driven wildfire that scorched surrounding brush-covered hills. Some homes along a road near the source of the blaze had been reduced to blackened wrecks, while others were barely damaged.

    “There’s no rhyme or reason to it,” said Frank Churchill, who returned home with his wife and four children to find his white stucco home largely undamaged, while three surrounding homes were leveled. “It doesn’t make sense.”

    (Dizzy sez: Sadly, not everyone will be able to come home to a house intact.)

  • Puerto Rico pageant officials probe pepper spray:

    Beauty pageant organizers were investigating Sunday who doused a contestant’s evening gowns with pepper spray and spiked her makeup, causing her to break out in hives. Beauty queen Ingrid Marie Rivera beat 29 rivals to become the island’s 2008 Miss Universe contestant, despite applying makeup and wearing evening gowns that had been coated with pepper spray, pageant spokesman Harold Rosario said.

    Rivera was composed while appearing before cameras and judges throughout the competition. But once backstage, she had to strip off her clothes and apply ice bags to her face and body, which swelled and broke out in hives twice.

    (Dizzy sez: The old saying goes, “the show must go on”! This chica was not exactly the “underdog”, but causing harm to someone in order to force them to quit is incredibly selfish and evil. One could totally use this experience as an analogy for future behavior of other organizations, like the anti-war movement. Eventually, the world will make note of all the dirty tricks and see to it that those who do evil will not prevail, even if many of us have to suffer serious “hives” before we defeat those who would bring us down…or something like that–they don’t call me Dizzy for nothin’…)

From CNN.com:

  • Sources: Lott to resign by end of year:

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. Trent Lott, R-Mississippi, intends to resign by the end of the year, sources tell CNN.Lott decided to run for a fourth Senate term in 2006 for reasons including representing Mississippi and the Gulf Coast region in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

    He now feels he’s laid the groundwork in Washington to make sure the region is looked after, according to a source familiar with his announcement.

    (Dizzy sez: Damn! And me without one single tear to shed…)

From The Chicago Tribune:

  • Michigan City musician, violin to be reunited:

    A Michigan City, Ind., musician plans to meet with police Monday to pick up the rare violin he reported stolen from the back seat of his car a week ago. The instrument, made in 1892 by Jerome Squier in Boston, has been valued at $100,000 because of its superior sound quality, said violinist Nicolas Orbovich.

    “It’s got this tremendous balance of different characteristics,” said Orbovich, 42, a violinist with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. “You don’t want a violin that has too much ‘brightness,’ or what you might call stridence or tinniness. And you don’t want it too mellow either. You don’t want it too much either way.”

    (Dizzy sez: A good instrument is so hard to come by! And I thought losing my car keys sucked.)

From Forbes.com:

  • Pats Go 11-0 Despite Scare From Eagles:

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. –The New England Patriots are still perfect but the Philadelphia Eagles gave them a scare. The Pats rallied for a 31-28 win in New England’s closest win of its 11-0 season. Laurence Maroney’s 4-yard TD run with 7:20 left capped a 10-play, 69-yard game-winning drive for New England.

    Backup Eagles QB A.J. Feeley nearly pulled off the biggest upset in the NFL starting in place of injured QB Donovan McNabb. Feeley completed 27-of-41 passes for 345 yards and three TDs. He also threw three interceptions, two picked off by Asante Samuel.

    Wes Welker had a career night for the Patriots. Welker caught 13 passes for a career-best 149 yards.

    (Dizzy sez: I’m not a Pats fan, but SSG Dizzy is and sometimes we chat about how sucky it would be if the Pats get all the way to the Superbowl undefeated, only to get their a@@es handed to them on the “big day”. My apologies for that raspberry, but I’m a little pi@@ed off that the Broncos have have a seriously “Rocky”…get it, “rocky”?…start this season…)

From The Huffington Post:

  • Film Industry Keeps Big Easy Afloat:

    Call it “the other LA.”In addition to sharing the same abbreviation as the film industry’s capital, the state of Louisiana is capturing more of the dollars going into movie and television production — roughly half a billion dollars for about 50 projects this year.

    While it isn’t exactly pirating away thousands of jobs and making Southern California economists nervous, the boom in Louisiana’s film industry is raising hopes it can be a catalyst for recovery from economic devastation wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

  • Great Job Or Greatest Job? Tasting Gum For A Living:

    Sue McNamara is the envy of friends and family alike. For a few hours four mornings a week, she sits in a spotless room in a lab coat and chews gum. Then she tells her boss how it tastes. Then she gets paid.“Everyone wants my job,” said Ms. McNamara, a mother of three who has worked as a gum taster at Cadbury Schweppes Science and Technology Center here for almost four years. “I have lawyer friends who tell me they want my job, and I’m definitely the most popular mom in the neighborhood.”

    (Dizzy sez: And here I thought I had a cush job as a DJ and Karaoke Host!)

From The New York Times:

  • Malibu Fire Is Largely Contained:

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 25 — The fire that burned nearly 5,000 acres and destroyed about 50 homes in Malibu over the weekend was 70 percent contained on Sunday, officials said.Firefighters worked around the clock to contain the blaze. Officials said it was not clear whether it had been intentionally set.

    The blaze was also downgraded to fuel driven from wind driven, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Fuel-driven fires are typically safer to fight and easier to predict.

    Winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour — with gusts up to 50 m.p.h. — enabled the fire to spread quickly on Saturday. But by early Sunday, the fire was fueled largely by dry canyon brush.

    (Dizzy sez: Meanwhile, Malibu residents wait for this nightmare to end, completely…)

From USA Today:

  • Study: ’12 Days of Christmas’ will cost you $78,100:

    Four calling birds, three french hens, two turtledoves and, um, $78,100: That’s how much it would cost to buy the 364 gifts listed in The 12 Days of Christmas, according to PNC Wealth Management’s Christmas Price Index.That’s up about 4% from last year, PNC reports. You could try to ‘cheap out’ and buy just one of each item (it seems like one swan a-swimming would be enough, for example), but that still would set you back $19,507, up 3.1 percent from last year’s $18,921.

    Shopping online makes things even worse: the 364 items would cost $128,886 online, up 2.5 percent from last year’s $125,767, according to PNC.

    (Dizzy sez: Okay, so this is not technically “good news”, it’s still “interesting” and that is why I have included it…)

From ZDnet:

  • OLPC: How do we gauge success? Will 490,000 units do?:

    The One Laptop per Child project’s “Give One, Get One” program has been extended through Dec. 31 as donations averaged about $2 million a day. On that pace, the OLPC should move about 490,000 units by the end of the year. Does that make the effort a success?The initial Give One, Get One promotion–a philanthropic sale if you will–began on Nov. 12 and give-one-get-one.jpghad been scheduled for two weeks. Under the program, you pay $399 for two laptops. You get one and a child in a developing country like Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia and Rwanda gets the other one. I bought two on Nov. 12, but took some heat for noticing the shipping charge.

    In a statement on Thanksgiving, Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the One Laptop per Child initial promotion will be extended to the end of the year. The rationale: OLPC (blog focus, all resources) got good demand and some folks had asked for more time to organize groups. XO laptops, the flagship model of the OLPC project, can be bought for educational purchases in quantities of 100-999 at $299 each, 1000-9999 at $249 each, and 10,000 and up at $199 each. That scale means that if you buy 10,000 XOs in the Give One, Get One program you can hit the $100 barrier per laptop, the OLPC’s initial price target.

    (Dizzy sez: I’m glad to hear that this project is going well. What will be way more interesting is hearing from some kid, in one of those developing countries, who comes forward and shows how this program has helped better his life.)

My apologies. I did have to dig through that barrel and scrape the bottom to find exactly “ten” posts today, to meet this week’s criteria. So sue me *wink*! These days, I’ll take good news wherever I can get it!

I gotta get a move on. SSG Dizzy is shipping out for Iraq Deployment 3.0 in a couple of hours and I gotta go put my game face on.

But, don’t you worry about me, dear reader. You take care of yourself and go out and make it a great day!

(Originally posted at: Dizzy Dayz)

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