Press Ignores Iowa Data on Biden

[Warning: Many think Joe Biden and Chris Dodd have virtually no chance of getting the Democratic Nomination. The same thing was said of John Kerry in 2003. Many campaigns have been won on the basis of a breakout moment. Let’s not count out these candidates.]

Joe BidenHere’s a quote from a fundraising letter from Joe Biden that has some news we didn’t hear in the Traditional Media.

This just in: a brand new Rasmussen Reports poll asked voters who they would choose in a general election matchup with Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee and either Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee. Look at the numbers:

Biden-Giuliani: 40% – 42%
Biden-Romney: 39% – 39%

Here’s the kicker: this is essentially the same result the so-called Democratic frontrunners get but they’ve had months of national press coverage and millions of dollars of TV exposure — everyone knows them. In this poll, 30% of voters did not yet know enough about Joe to form an opinion.

In other words, Joe already achieves the same results despite having a 30-point name identification gap.

What else are we not hearing from the ground in Iowa?

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3 Responses to Press Ignores Iowa Data on Biden

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    By my informal count, this makes Stuart the first on this site to commit to a favorite. Personally, I’m still “yeah, whatever”. I want to get excited about someone but none of them suck, and none of them are great. And I guess that I’m putting more energy into hating all of the wingnuts over on the other side. An uglier field, to my knowledge, has never been assembled.

  2. Darrell:

    I’m not committed to any candidate. See my latest post to understand the situation.


  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Sorry. Your respect for him is apparent, and I assumed.

    I guess I keep think that choices should start being made any day now.