Edwards Launches Website Targeting Clinton With Petition Drive

John Edwards is apparently out to kill two birds with one stone, with his new website that is aimed at Hillary Clinton while seeking to gather one million e-mail address and zip codes: 


The email addresses and zip codes would be “handy data for campaign micro-targeters to have when they go to turn out voters this primary season.” 

The Swamp notes, Edwards petition “states its target as the “broken system in Washington that works for special interests and not us,,”” however, “politically, its target would seem to be a single person: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., who leads the Democratic presidential field in national polls.”

Clinton, Edwards’ campaign notes frequently, accepts lobbyist and PAC money. Edwards never has. Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, the other leading Democratic presidential contender, accepted lobbyist and PAC donations in the past but hasn’t this campaign.

The Edwards camp says signing the pledge wouldn’t stop anyone from voting for Obama — or for Clinton, if she announced she was no longer taking lobbyist dollars. Of course, the pledge can’t actually stop anyone from voting for any candidate — it’s not written in blood — but announcing it brings some obvious strategic benefits for Edwards.

A couple of weeks ago, I noted here that Chris Dodd called Edwards on the carpet for saying that he  “would not commit to support Hillary Clinton, should she be the Democratic nominee for President.” I’m just a little curious, still, just who Edwards will support if Hillary does become the nominee. As Dodd said in his statement regarding Edwards comment, “I wonder which of the Republicans John prefers to Hillary?” Oh wait… they take lobbyist money too.

The idea that we could get through an election with out a candidate taking PAC or lobbyist money is worthy indeed. But at this point, it’s clear we won’t. With a little bit of luck we can push through new election reform once we have a Democratic controled Congress and the executive office. Until then, I’m just pushing to get a Dem in the White House and honestly, I’ll support who ever the nominee is and I hope that is a given for all of our readers.  Meanwhile, Edwards new website and petition drive just comes off as a bid to get voter data and chance to go negative on Clinton again and that’s a big turn off to me.

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One Response to Edwards Launches Website Targeting Clinton With Petition Drive

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Personally I don’t care where candidates get their money, as long as it is all fully, clearly, and honestly disclosed. I’d certainly vote for “he President From The Sierra Club” much sooner than I would “The President From Halliburton”. I’m not sure how many people pay close enough attention for such a system to work, though.