Let’s Even The Campaign Field

Darrell, in a comment to a previous post that referenced Joe Biden, assumed that I chosen a candidate here at DemDaily. While I have not chosen any candidate, or offered to use my 40 years experience in the political world, I have made a choice to help level the playing field for two of the ‘unsung’ candidates that I feel are fully qualified to be top-level candidates and potential nominees: Joe Biden and Chris Dodd.

Joe Biden
The combination of Clinton, Edwards, Biden and Dodd has created the strongest field of candidates in my long memory. It is, also, my judgment that Biden and Dodd, in alphabetical order, each offer just as much substance, style, experience and electability as any of the three so-called front runners.

Here’s the unfortunate kicker:
Q:Did they, Biden and Dodd, spend years building an organization to use for their run at the WH?
A: No, they did not and that is why their fundraising, campaigns and media profiles have had to be created from scratch.

I want to publicize their campaigns to even out the game. I will be working to find items,audios and videos to bring to The Democratic Daily, my own ‘mostly inactive’ Political Interviews and other blog media.

Both Joe Biden and Chris Dodd have spent a lifetime actually working on problems in the Senate. They have earned our respect and our attention whether we agree with them or not. Here at DemDaily let’s even the playing field.

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One Response to Let’s Even The Campaign Field

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Works for me. I am curious, though, why you have not included Richardson.