The Has Comprehesive Iowa Story on Biden and field

The Hill, one of the best daily reads you can find, has a comprehensive story about the Iowa campaigns. Built around the Biden strategy of a ‘textbook’ one-living-room-at-a-time approach, the story also gives us details of endorsements for all the candidates and a look at the unusual dynamics at play in Iowa.

“…the Biden campaign is confident that the arcane system of the Democratic caucuses will help highlight their candidate’s significant experience in the Senate, particularly in the area of foreign affairs.

Danny O’Brien, Biden’s Iowa state director, conceded to The Hill that the campaign strategy of steadily and methodically securing endorsements and going from living room to living room is “not very sexy, but it is the traditional textbook approach.”

If you are interested in ‘on the ground’ information this is one of the places to get it.

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