Ten Post Round-Up: Sweet Thursday

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I got your Ten (Positive) Post Round-Up!

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(Introducing new format fun…)

From Shakesville, Jeff Fecke blogs about how web slackers can Waste Time on the Internets While Helping Actual Humans.

Jeff sez:

This site is seriously awesome — basically, it’s a vocabulary game, but for every question you get right, the site donates 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme. So it’s a three-fer: you improve your vocabulary, you help people in the third world, and you make a conservative angry by supporting the United Nations.

You can make a conservative angry by playing this game? Where do I log-on?!?)

From CNN.com, I hear the neon lights are bright on Broadway…Again! The Grinch will be stealing Christmas, tonight, and I ain’t talking about Dick Cheney!

From Yahoo News, a cell-service has a solution for Londoners to help them solve the pesky problem of not being able to find the loo when the urge to do the potty dance takes over, while they are out and about.

Tourists, theatergoers, shoppers and pub patrons in London’s West End can now text the word “toilet” — and receive a text back with the address of the nearest public facility.

Now if they could only come up with a service to tell you which stall has the only roll of toilet paper, before it’s too late!

Want to know whether or not your web connection is being deliberately effed with by your internet service provider? From Yahoo News comes word that there is new software available to detect whether that interference is innocent or malicious.

The San Francisco-based digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation hopes the program, released Wednesday, will help uncover “data discrimination” — efforts by Internet providers to disrupt some uses of their services — in addition to the cases reported separately by EFF, The Associated Press and other sources.

And that way, we can put all of our big interweb conspiracies into perspective…

I love Jones Soda Co. I’m a sucker for soda that’s not “cola” flavored. I especially love their Strawberry-Kiwi (caffeine-fortified, I might add). But, from CNN.com come word that Jones Soda Co. is selling a holiday ham-flavored soda!

Jones Soda Co., the Seattle-based purveyor of offbeat fizzy water, is selling holiday-themed limited-edition packs of flavored sodas.The Christmas pack will feature such flavors as Sugar Plum, Christmas Tree, Egg Nog and Christmas Ham. The Hanukkah pack will have Jelly Doughnut, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Coins and Latkes sodas.

I’m all over the Egg Nog flavored soda and I might even try the Jelly Doughnut, but I will definitely pass on the Christmas Ham…well, unless it’s fresh from the oven with a pineapple glaze, of course.

Listen up in Atlanta! According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a local radio station hosted a serious fundraiser, yesterday, because some Grinchs stole $50,000 worth of Christmas toys and gifts that were donated to the local Empty Stocking Fund.

With the Empty Stocking Fund devoid of $50,000 worth of toys and gifts thanks to the thieves who swiped them out of a City Hall East warehouse, Project 9-6-1’s Giant Brian morning show is going to air for 50 consecutive hours starting at 7 a.m. with a goal of raising $1,000 an hour to cover the deficit.

I hope they find the thieves that stole Christmas from those kids. Jail will probably be too nice of a place for those Grinches, this holiday.

From The Christian Science Monitor, we learn how One man tries to spur an urban revival with tulips. In Kansas City, no less.

Call it neo flower power. Call it a petal revolution. Whatever it is, it may be one of the most unusual approaches to urban renewal in the country. Led by the mild-mannered but tenacious Rice, local residents on both sides of Troost Avenue – young and old, black and white, middle class and poor – are planting tens of thousands of tulips to help beautify what has long been the city’s premier social demarcation line.

I love tulips…

Scraping the bottom of the good/positive news barrel, I am pleased to report that according to The Deadbolt News, Britney Spears is NOT sperminated. And, according to ABCNews.com, Christina Aguilera joins the ranks of other female celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Demi Moore, who bared their nude baby-bumps on magazine covers.

And, finally, in my own personal cover story: my own, Lil’ Man, turns eight years old, today! Eight years down, ten to go! Where has all the time, gone?

I know it’s not “actually” ten linked posts, but good news is so hard to find!

If you like the new format (paging drive-by blogger), please let me know in comments.

My brain hurts and I need another cuppa. Until tomorrow, take care of yourself and go out and make it a great day!

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