Ten Post Round-Up: Aloha Friday

I have struggled and scraped for the last several days to find something, anything, to consider “good news” or “positive news”. I didn’t realize how hard it would be.

With the recent deployment of my husband, back to Iraq, this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how bad news can be seen as good news (in some cases) and vice versa. For instance, of course, it’s bad news that SSG Dizzy is in Iraq, but the good news is that I have three-less loads of laundry to do, per week. The good news is, now the toilet paper goes on the roll in the “proper” direction, but the bad news is that now there is no one to go grab me a new roll of TP if I am stuck on the potty before discovering the roll has run out!

So, in the spirit of shaking things up in my Round-Up, I am definitely going to include absolutely positive posts, but as filler, I will include a few good news-bad news posts (let me know what you think in comments).

Before we proceed with our ten post round-up, please proceed to this link for today’s attitude adjustment.

From BlondeSense, BlondeSense Liz has a post about a Chilean prostitute who is auctioning off 27 hours of sex for charity. Well, that ought to make it easier for married “johns” to explain their indiscretion, “But, Honey, it was for a good cause!” Umm…OK, then.

In good news-bad news: Good, the surge IS working. Bad news? We’ll have to stay in Iraq longer to make sure it KEEPS working! (Signs Of The Times: Catch 22 in Iraq – Why American Troops Can’t Go Home).

From ABC News (Australia) we learn that scientists have found a way to make old skin young again, by blocking a single gene:

They did this by creating genetically modified mice with a defective gene that can be switched off so that their cells ceased to age when a cream was applied to the skin.While still years from being determined safe for use in humans, the discovery offers hope of one day reversing many age-related illnesses and injuries as the technique may work on any kind of organ or tissue.

Good news? The Chinese seem to be reversing their over-population problem. Bad news? Looks might have a problem with family values in the future, since their one-child policy has helped the country breed an entire generation of selfish brats. (Reuters: China’s “me” generation).

From Signs Of The Times comes word of a new advance in bionic limbs: a sense of touch!

Good news? Some mug-shots of GWB and other Bush administration officials have been discovered in a New York public library. Bad news? They’re fake! (FOXNews.com: New York Public Library Exhibit Features Fake Mug Shots of Members of Bush Administration).

Good news? Some guy won $1 million on the lottery! Bad news? Being on probation for armed robbery, he was forbidden from gambling, including purchasing lottery tickets! (Signs Of The Times: Lottery winner wasn’t supposed to gamble).

Good news? After 25 years, an identity bracelet has been returned to its rightful owner. Bad news? A chicken had to die in order to find it! (Signs Of The Times: Bracelet found in chicken after 25 years).

Good news? Duct tape works really, really well. Bad news? It’s not so good for your health if you get it wrapped around you. (DarwinAwards.com: Duct Tape Teacher).

And, last but not least, according to Scientific American, the trick to raising smart kids is NOT to tell them they are smart, but to praise them for their efforts. Apparently, kids praised for their efforts, even when they fail, are more likely to try harder to do better than their peers who are praised for being so smart. When the smart peers fail, rather than try harder, they are more likely to find ways to get over, such as cheating, or they give up completely. Hmm…might explain a few things about Bushliburton…

I had a long night, what with the big game, last night (long story…) and I am posting this PRE-morning cuppa! So I’m gonna go get my caffeine on and why don’t you go out and make it great day!

(Originally posted at Dizzy Dayz)

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