Huckabee’s Issues

Veteran political reporter Ron Fournier thinks Huck may have gone too far. Apparently, Huckabee “called a news conference to unveil a negative ad that he had just withdrawn from Iowa television stations because, he told a room full of journalists recording the ad, he had a sudden aversion to negative politics.” Hmmm… “Quite a convenient epiphany,” says Fournier.

Clinton’s Economy Ad and A Peek at Iowa

I just ran across this ad below from Hillary Clinton on the housing crisis and the economy. It’s a good ad and timely topic that needs attention: We’ve got some serious problems here in America that need fixing. I hope to hear more from all the Dem candidates in the coming days about what they plan to do to bring about real change and foster real hope once again among Americans.  H/T to Michael on The PoliGazette for the Clinton ad. Meanwhile Dan Balz takes a look at the “diligent Clinton” in Iowa:

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round Up

It’s New Year’s Eve and just about every blogger I know is reflecting on the year we are leaving behind. Many of my regular readers know that I started my new year on October 12th, on my 37th birthday, so for me, New Year’s Eve is mostly what I consider the end of another tax season. I don’t really make resolutions. I stopped doing that a couple of years ago. I’ve got no plans to lose weight or travel the world or try new things. Of course, if those things happen, I won’t grumble about it. I merely resolve to be a more fabulous version of the person I am today and that does not require dieting, exercising, packing or … Continue reading

Race For The White House

The Sunday L.A. Times had a brilliant OP/ED cartoon that was a full page today. The punchline: “Me Again Why I’m Not Supposed to Like Hillary?” It’s really, as Taylor Marsh says, a “must see.” Taylor also nails it in saying: Why aren’t you supposed to like Hillary? Because the traditional media, cable talking heads, wingnut radio, plus many blogs, have told you not to. Food for thought as the primaries loom closer.

Another Senator Backs Clinton

AP News reports that the Clinton campaign is set to announce on Monday that yet another Senator is backing Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid — Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington. “Hillary is ready to address our energy challenges on day one with a bold, comprehensive plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and move America toward a renewable energy future,” Cantwell said in a statement. In the closing days before Iowa’s caucuses Thursday, Clinton has been addressing questions about her electability in the general election – in part by touting endorsements from leading elected officials. Campaigning with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland on Saturday, Clinton said he and other high-profile backers aren’t on a “political suicide mission” and are … Continue reading

Polls, Polls & More Polls

We’re down to the wire now, as the Iowa caucus is just a few short days away and the pollsters are reverberating off the charts with a wide variety of results. The latest McClatchy-MSNBC Poll is here to your left. It gives John Edwards a bit of the edge in the Democratic field, as he has “clawed his way into contention” and the Mittster has a 4 point lead over the Huckster in the Republican field.  Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, who conducted the poll, said, “On the Democratic side, the race is about as close as it can get, but keep an eye on Edwards. Edwards has really moved up since our last poll. Obama and Clinton have each slipped … Continue reading