Ten Post Round-Up: Saturday Night’s Alright

Gettin’ in a little blogging action before the afternoon over takes me and I become pre-occuppied with what to do with myself come sunset.

I actually had a little bit of success finding some good news on the interwebs, today. But, the number of positive stories still feels like too few and far between.

I’m actually in a bit of a bad mood, myself. The television was ablaze with foul weather crawls, all night. Many of us in residence here, in Colorado Springs, were excited about the prospect of actually having a decent snow storm, because we have not had one in this area yet, this time of year (this is atypical weather, despite the chilling cold. We are usually working on our second snow storm by now). I actually was looking forward to getting snowed in.

Fine, then. At least I got sunshine (although, it was very sunny on Wednesday morning AND it was snowing! I’ve never seen that in my 12 years of residence in this area)!

So, I got my daily cuppa and I got Sir Elton John to provide the daily attitude adjustment and according to Sir Elton, “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting”. I tend to agree. Unless we are talking spandex, then, I think, I’ll pass.

I’ll just start by passing on today’s Ten (Mostly Positive) Post Round-Up.

Today is World AIDS Day. There is good news, as well as bad news, in regards to how the world is dealing with HIV and AIDS.

In Canada, there is a promising new class of drugs that has recently been approved to help combat the HIV/AIDS virus.(1)

HIV/AIDS is still a world-wide public health challenge (particularly, because there is no cure or vaccine to fight it), yet, the overall spread of the disease seems to be slowing down. The UN recently lowered their estimates of how many people are expected to die from HIV/AIDS in 2007 by 16%. The numbers of people dying from AIDS appears to be going down and so does the number of people who live with HIV (the disease that causes AIDS).(2) Because of that, there seems to be a growing apathy among Americans. Despite the staggering numbers of HIV infection, in the US, there appears to be a level of complacency that could lend itself to a false sense of security for people who think, that since they don’t hear a lot about HIV/AIDS that, it must not be a problem. Although we may be winning a few battles, the war on HIV/AIDS is not nearly over.(3)

In other health news, word is that there is now a mammogram machine that can cut false-positive results in half. It’s still being tested, but the new machine uses 3-D technology to check for tumors and lesions in the breast. I can’t find any information on whether or not it still requires the breasts to be held in place with vice-grips in order to work…(4)

Need a reminder about your next doctor’s appointment? Ask your medical provider if they offer a text messaging service. It’s starting to be all the rage.(5) Through my insurance, I can now make most of my and my families appointments right on the web. Getting a text reminder on my cellphone or PDA would be right up my alley if they offered that service.

Good news for those people who intend to be “green” until the day that they die: even in death you can do your part to help save the environment!(6) A “green burial’ is actually quite old-fashioned and about half as much as a “regular burial”. Okay, so let me get this straight, I can take care of Mother Nature AND not break my kids’ inheritance? Definitely worth looking into…

In today’s good news-bad news comes word that GWB is threatening Congress that “the clock is ticking” on the war spending bill, among other things. Bad news is that GWB is in a big rush to get a terrorist surveillance bill passed along with getting immunity for his telecom buddies. The good news is that GWB can tell time!(7) You learn something new every day…

In other good news-bad news comes word that Republicans believe that, mentally, they are healthier than everyone else. The good news is that Republicans seem to not have too many self-esteem issues. The bad news is, the reason that people affiliated with other parties are questiong their own sanity is because most Republicans use the rest of us as their personal door mat.(8)

Bad News: In a crime that should qualify for the death penalty (according to SSG Dizzy), some thieves made off with 450 kegs of Guinness, straight outta the damned brewery! Good News: That’s gonna be one phat %$#@ party!(9)

This last one is neither good news nor bad news, but it’s definitely one for the history books:

From Signs Of The Times:

  • Amateur investigators unravel last mystery of Russian royals:

    On the outskirts of this burly industrial center, off a road like any other, on a nowhere scrap of land – here unfolded the final act of one of the most momentous events of the last century.A short way through a clearing, toward a cluster of birch trees, the killers deposited their victims’ bodies, which had been mutilated, burned, and doused with acid to mask their origins. It would be 73 more years, in 1991, before the remains would be reclaimed and the announcement would ring out: The grave of the last Russian czar, Nicholas II, and his family had been found.

    Recently, the remains of two more bodies were found just yards away from the original remains! This could finally put to bed the mystery of what happened to Czar Nicholas and his family.(10)

Look at that…there’s still plenty of Saturday left to enjoy. So how ’bout you and me get out there (or stay in…or whatevah…) and make it a great day!

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