Biden’s Pointed Remarks At The DNC Meeting

Joe Biden urged the DNC and the Democratic Party to carefully nominate someone who could compete on foreign policy, national security and values issues.

His summarized remarks as follows:

Sen. Biden prefaced his remarks by again calling for Democrats to get behind a viable political strategy in Iraq before going toe to toe with Republicans in the general election.

This war in Iraq must end. Iraq is the boulder in the middle of the road that’s denying us the credibility to lead the world and the flexibility to solve our problems at home. It’s not enough to just talk about ending the war. It takes a strategy and real support.” [Watch the PBS interview to remember that Biden has promised to remove the bulk of US Troops by the end of 2008. Jody Woodruff has a specific question on the topic.]

“That’s why I fought so hard to pass the Biden exit strategy to get our troops out of Iraq without leaving chaos behind. Seventy-five senators voted for it, including 26 Republicans. If this President won’t enact it, I will, on Day One of my presidency.”

Sen. Biden also talked about the need to nominate a Democratic candidate who won’t shrink from a values debate in order to win back the White House in 2008:

“Folks, I am running for the Democratic nomination for president – as a Democrat. I will not compromise on our values.”

Republicans let their ideology masquerade as morality. Just where in the Gospel does it say that torture is okay?”

“How moral is it to give an $85 billion tax cut to people making a million dollars a year and then deny health care to children and to tens of millions of Americans?”

“Or to tell 400,000 qualified kids they can’t go to college because they can’t afford it?”

“How is it moral to go to war unnecessarily, without enough troops without the right equipment for the troops we send or the proper care for those who come home? How is that moral?”

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