Bali Climate Change Conference: A Roadmap on Climate Change

The U.N. Climate Change Conference began in Bali today. Delegates from over 180 nations are participating along with observers from intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. The purpose of the Bali conference is “to negotiate a new pact to succeed the Kyoto protocol, which expires in 2012.” Among the non-govermental participants at the conference … Continue reading

’08 Watch: Fire Fighters for Dodd Iowa Bus Tour

Time for a little distraction from the front-runner slugfest happening in the  media and blogosphere. The Clinton and Obama campaigns are slugging it out and they may want to watch their backs for these guys… The IAFF worked wonders for the Kerry campaign in ’04. Members of the union are on … Continue reading

The Mike Huckabee Phenomenon

If you pay attention to political news, you’ve heard of Mike Huckabee. My formal introduction came Sunday morning on This Week, and I found it interesting. Not as interesting, perhaps, as if Stephanopolus had tried to get original in his questions. There are a set of “issues” that are supposed … Continue reading

Hillary Responds After Repeated Attacks

Senator Clinton gave a speech today in Clear Lake, Iowa that directly addressed the attacks she been getting directly or through surrogates from Barrack Obama and John Edwards. It’s a telling speech and one that may show the forthrightness that will be necessary to win the 2008 general election and … Continue reading